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Again the same three athletes appeared in the 1968 rankings, namely Ian MCafferty, Alex and Andy Brown. In what was a rather disappointing year for Ian McCafferty he still managed to break his own 2 miles Scottish Record with a time of 8mins 32.0secs which also placed him as the number one in Britain. During the season he also won the District Championships over both the 1 mile and 3 mile events.

Despite running slightly slower than last year, the Brown brothers featured in both the 2 mile and 3 mile rankings with Andy also appearing in the 6 mile lists. The medal collection was ever growing in the Brown household with Andy winning the West title in the 3 mile event ahead of Alex who picked up the bronze in both the 3 mile and 6 mile events.

This was the first year that the "Al Time Rankings" appeared and it was no surprise that Ian McCafferty topped both the 2mile and 3mile rankings.

Scottish National Records        
Senior Men 2 miles   Ian McCafferty 8.32.0 03/06/68
  3 miles   Ian McCafferty 13.06.4 17/07/67
All Time Lists          
Senior Men 1 mile 6th Ian McCafferty 4.02.3 07/06/67
  2miles 1st Ian McCafferty 8.32.0 03/06/68
  3 miles 1st Ian McCafferty 13.06.4 17/07/67
  6 miles 9th Andy Brown 28.53.8 21/06/63
    10th Alex Brown 28.55.0 23/06/67
  10 miles 6th Andy Brown 49.58.8 18/04/62
Senior Men 1 mile 4th Ian McCafferty 4.02.7  
  2 miles 1st Ian McCafferty 8.32.0  
    18th Alex Brown 9.08.0  
    25th Andy Brown 9.12.4  
  3 miles 2nd Ian McCafferty 13.25.8  
    16th Andy Brown 14.04.8  
    17th Alex Brown 14.06.0  
  6 miles 14th Andy Brown 30.18.2  
Indoor Rankings          
Senior Men 3000m 1st Ian McCafferty 8.01.2  

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