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The year was dominated by Ian McCafferty, becoming the first Scot to break the magical four minute mile. On June 11th, competing in the "Reading Mile", Ian shattered the Scottish Record finishing in a time of 3mins 56,8secs. This now meant that Ian held the National Records over 1 mile, 2 miles and 3 miles. He ended the season on top of the rankings in the 1 mile and 3000m events, however in his specialist event, the 5000m, he only finished 8th in the rankings, mainly due to the fact that he was concentrating on the shorter races in preparation for Commonwealth Games year.  The Brown brothers once again featured in the 3000m, 5000m and 10000m rankings with Alex proving the better over the 3000m and 5000m however Andy reversed this in the 10000m.

With the club now having been formed for two years the juniors began making their breakthrough in the rankings. Jim Thomson made his first appearance in the rankings finishing 4th in the Boys 1500m. The middle distance events were certainly an area where the club was strong in, this proven by Gordon Kennedy who was ranked 7th in the Youths 800m and who also won the bronze medal at the Scottish Championships.

Not to be outdone, Lynda Bain and J Howe  became the first females from the club to appear in the ranking lists. Lynda was ranked 8th in the Intermediates 200m, with a time also good enough to place her 21st in the Women's age group. J Howe also appeared in the 200m rankings, this time in the Junior Women's list where she was placed 18th. J Howe also became the first female from the club to win a Championship medal when picking up the silver medal in the Junior Women's 200m at the District Championships.

Footnote : Problems arose this year due to the advent, and general adoption, of metric distance and measurements into track and field athletics. Given the disparity between the 1,2, 3 and 6mile distances and their metric equivalents it was deemed appropriate to retain performances at the former distances as they were until such times as there is a relatively superior time over the equivalent metric distance. Conversion rates adopted were as follows

1500m - 1mile time less 18.0secs
3000m - 2mile time less 36.0secs
5000m - 3mile time plus 28.0secs
10000m - 6mile time plus 60.0secs

Scottish National Records        
Senior Men 1 mile   Ian McCafferty 3.56.8 11/06/69
  2 miles   Ian McCafferty 8.32.0 03/06/68
  3 miles   Ian McCafferty 13.06.4 17/07/67
All Time Lists          
Senior Men 1mile 1st Ian McCafferty 3.56.8 11/06/69
  2mile 1st Ian McCafferty 8.32.0 03/06/68
  3mile 1st Ian McCafferty 13.06.4 17/07/67
  10 miles 7th Andy Brown 49.58.8 18/04/62
Senior Men 800m 10th Ian McCafferty 1.53.0  
  1500m 11th Ian McCafferty 3.53.0  
  1 mile 1st Ian McCafferty 3.56.8  
  3000m 1st Ian McCafferty 7.59.8  
    13th Alex Brown 8.26.0  
  5000m 8th Ian McCafferty 14.13.6  
    27th Alex Brown 14.43.6  
    32nd James Johnstone 14.58.2  
  10000m 13th Andy Brown 30.51.4  
  3000m S/C 19th Andy Brown 10.00.4  
Youths 800m 7th Gordon Kennedy 2.02.1  
Boys 1500m 4th Jim Thomson 4.30.1  
Senior Women 200m 21st Lynda Bain 26.3  
Intermediates 200m 8th Lynda Bain 26.3  
Junior Women 200m 18th J Howe 28.8  

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