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Ann Dalton went one better than last year when picking up the silver medals in both the Junior 100m and 200m at the National Championships. She also saw a large improvement in the rankings finishing top in the 100m with a time of 11.9secs and 6th in the 200m with a time of 25.0secs. Also at the National Championships, Carol McGill became the first female from the club to pick up a middle distance medal, finishing 3rd in the Girls 800m with a time of 2mins 26.7secs, a time which ranked her second in Scotland. A further medal was won at the Championships by Robert Brown in the Junior Men's Triple Jump, again picking up the bronze medal with a jump of 13m 17cm.

In the Men's rankings, Hugh Forgie and Kenny McCartney continue to be prominent. Hugh Forgie ranking 9th in the 800m and 6th in the 1500m with Kenny close on his heels, ranking 11th in the 800m, 8th in the 1500m and 2nd in the 5000m. Both athletes should see improvement in the years to come if they continue to train and race together.


Scottish National Record        
Senior Men 5000m   Ian McCafferty 13.19.8 15/07/72
Scottish Native Records        
Senior Men 5000m   Ian McCafferty 13.23.4 25/07/70
All Time Lists          
Senior Men 1500m 3rd Ian McCafferty 3.38.8* 11/06/69
  3000m 4th Ian McCafferty 7.55.8* 03/06/68
  5000m 1st Ian McCafferty 13.19.8 15/07/72
Senior Men 100m 25th Alister Deans 11.0  
    32nd Gordon Currie 11.1  
  1500m 35th Hugh Forgie 3.59.8  
  5000m 25th Kenny McCartney 14.37.0  
Junior Men 800m 9th Hugh Forgie 1.57.3  
    11th Kenny McCartney 1.57.5  
  1500m 6th Hugh Forgie 3.59.8  
    8th Kenny McCartney 4.01.0  
  5000m 2nd Kenny McCartney 14.37.0  
  Triple Jump 6th Robert Brown 13.17  
Youths 3000m 13th Jack Johnstone 9.48.0  
Senior Women 100m 26th Margaret Hutton 12.4  
  200m 11th Ann Dalton 25.0  
    30th Margaret Hutton 26.1  
  1500m 28th Christine Hutton 5.00.4  
  3000m 26th Christine Hutton 11.57.2  
4x400m 9th 4.28.2
  Medley Relay 8th   4.29.6  
  High Jump 31st Ruth Fullerton 1.50  
Intermediates 800m 9th Carol McGill 2.26.7
18th Catherine Hall 2.30.0
  1500m 5th Margaret Melville 5.05.1  
Juniors 100m 1st Ann Dalton 11.9  
  200m 6th Ann Dalton 25.0  
  400m 15th Ann Dalton 62.4  
  1500m 14th Margaret Melville 5.05.1  
Girls 800m 2nd Carol McGill 2.26.7  
Indoor Rankings          
Senior Women 50m 4th Ann Dalton 6.9  
  60m 6th Ann Dalton 7.7  
* Converted from 1mile and 2mile times  

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