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If 1977 proved to be disappointing then 1978 was even worse with only four athletes making the rankings. With Ann Dalton having switched to Shettleston Ladies it was disappointing to note that no females made the rankings, a situation which should be addressed by the club committee.

It was youngster Robert Riddell who proved to be the top performer, finishing 4th in the Youths 1500m rankings with a time of 4mins 04.6secs. However, he had an unfortunate day at the National Championships where he finished 2nd in the Youths 1500m. However the winner, Peter Fox, was disqualified on the day for receiving support from the inside of the track. So Robert left the venue believing that he had been awarded the title, only to find out two days later that Peter Fox had appealed the decision and was re-crowned Scottish Champion. Robert therefore must be the shortest Scottish Champion in the history of the Championships.

Kenny McCartney continued to improve, bringing his 800m time down to 1min 52.1secs and his 1500m to 3mins 47.7secs. In the distance events Douglas Frame was beginning to make an impact amongst the best in Scotland, being ranked 13th and 14th in the 5000m and 10000m respectively.

Scottish Records        
Senior Men 5000m   Ian McCafferty 13.19.8 14/07/72
Native Records        
Senior Men 5000m   Ian McCafferty 13.23.4 25/07/70
All Time Lists          
Senior Men 1500m 8th Ian McCafferty 3.42.2 22/07/70
  1 mile 5th Ian McCafferty 3.56.8 11/06/69
  3000m 6th Ian McCafferty 7.56.2i 25/02/67
  2 miles 3rd Ian McCafferty 8.31.8 03/06/68
  5000m 1st Ian McCafferty 13.19.66 14/07/72
Scottish Outdoor Rankings        
Senior Men 800m 17th Kenny McCartney 1.52.2  
  1500m 11th Kenny McCartney 3.47.7  
    33rd Hugh Forgie 3.57.0  
  5000m 13th Douglas Frame 14.27.2  
  10000m 14th Douglas Frame 31.25.9  
Junior Men 1500m 21st Robert Riddell 4.04.6  
Youths 1500m 4th Robert Riddell 4.04.6  

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