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It was encouraging to see a number of youngsters make the rankings for the first time with Julian Love continuing to be one of the most promising sprinters in the country. Despite only finishing 5th and 6th in the Senior Boys rankings over the 100m and 200m he won the District Titles in both events and also took the bronze medal at the National Championships in both events. In the same age-group Barry McLean made a name for himself in no fewer than three events, finishing 16th in the 800m, 4th in the 1500m steeplechase and 16th in the Pentathlon.

Another youngster to make an impact was Colin McMaster who in the Junior Boys age-group finished 2nd in the High Jump, 19th in the Long Jump and 16th in the Triple Jump, not bad for an athlete who was considered to be a middle distance specialist.

The field eventers were beginning to prove to be successful with Graeme Ferguson in particular proving to be amongst the best in Scotland. In the Youths age-group Graeme was ranked 4th in the Shot Putt, 8th in the Discus and 15th in the Hammer, as well as picking up a bronze medal in the National Shot Putt,  and two silvers and one bronze at the District Championships.

Lorraine Bell looked a promising prospect appearing twice in the Intermediate Rankings, 13th in the 300m Hurdles and 3rd in the Heptathlon where she also picked up a Bronze medal at the District Championships.

The "old timers" were still making the rankings and Billy Nelson appeared for the ninth year finishing 15th in the Half Marathon rankings with a time of 66mins 09secs and Alaister Russell also appeared for the ninth year in the 3000m, 5000m and 10,000m events.

The year proved to be very successful in the Championships with no fewer than 15 medals being won, four in the Nationals and 11 in the Districts, the most ever by the club.

Native Records        
Senior Men 5000m   Ian McCafferty 13.23.4 25/07/70
All Time Lists          
Senior Men 1500m 13th Ian McCafferty 3.42.2 22/07/70
  1 mile 5th Ian McCafferty 3.56.8 11/06/69
  3000m 10th Ian McCafferty 7.56.2 25/02/67
  5000m 2nd Ian McCafferty 13.19.66 14/07/72
Scottish Outdoor Rankings        
Senior Men 3000m 20th Alaister Russell 8.26.5  
  5000m 14th Alaister Rusell 14.33.39  
  10000m 6th Alaister Russell 30.20.07  
  1/2 marathon 15th Billy Nelson 66.09  
Junior Men Shot Putt 12th Graeme Ferguson 11.41  
    16th Mahuil Muqit 10.87  
Youths Shot Putt 4th Graeme Ferguson 13.74  
    8th Mahuil Muqit 12.90  
  Discus 8th Graeme Ferguson 36.54  
  Hammer 15th Graeme Ferguson 26.34  
  Octathlon 6th Colin Moffat 3238  
Senior Boys 100m 5th Julian Love 11.76  
  200m 6th Julian Love 24.0  
  800m 16th Barry McLean 2.10.2  
  1500m S/C 4th Barry McLean 5.01.7  
  Pentathlon 16th Barry McLean 2416  
Junior Boys 100m 20th A Pollock 13.5  
  High Jump 2nd Colin McMaster 1.50  
  Long Jump 19th Colin McMaster 4.56  
  Triple Jump 16th Colin McMaster 9.55  
Senior Women Heptathlon 12th Elaine Quinn 3128  
Intermediates 300m Hurdles 13th Lorraine Bell 48.3  
  Heptathlon 3rd Lorraine Bell 3255  
Girls Heptathlon 16th Lesley Jackson 2044  

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