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1996 saw one of the most successful years in recent history with no fewer than 18 athletes being represented in the rankings and a record breaking 28 Championship medals being won.

Pride of place however goes to the Hugh McMaster coached athletes, Kimberly Canning and Colin McMaster. In the Under 15s, Kimberly Canning won the District Championships in a time of 25.82secs, the Scottish Championships in a time of 25.63sec, the Indoor Championships in a time of 25.8secs and finally to put the icing on the cake she was crowned the AAAs Champion putting her as one of the most talented young sprinters in the UK. Not surprisingly she ended up at the top of the Scottish Rankings for the 200m for her age group and 13th in the Senior Womens. She also broke her own National Indoor Record with a time of 25.42secs.

Not to be outdone, Colin McMaster almost had an identical record to Kimberly. He won the District Championships with a jump of 1m 90cm, the Scottish Championships with a jump of 2m 05cm and then also won the AAAs Championships. He finished the season on top of the Under 17 rankings and also 4th in the Senior Men. He too also broke the National Indoor Record  with a jump of 2m 01cm.

Having made his first appearance last year Frankie Murphy appeared in the rankings in no fewer than 6 events and also won 6 championship medals throughout the season, a record for any Law athlete. He won gold in the Shot Put at the National Indoor Championships, took silver in the National and  District Shot Putt and National Javelin, and bronze in the National Discus and District 200m. In the rankings his highest position was 2nd in the Javelin.

It was a first appearance for David Campbell who won the National Pentathlon Championships and also topped the rankings. Another debutant, Scott McCarron, made four appearances in the Under 20 rankings finishing 19th in the 100m, 17th in the 200m, 9th in the 400m and 12th in the 400m hurdles.

It was also encouraging to see Kimberly canning being joined by Alison Bennett in both sprints with Alison finishing 19th i the 100m and 18th in the 200m.

It is also good to see such a good crop of youngsters coming through, especially at Under 13 level with the boys finishing 13th in the 4x100m, 3rd in the 4x200m, 2nd in the 4x400m and 1st in the 3x800m relay, the event which they picked up the National Title at.

Alaister Russell continued to make his yearly appearance in the rankings and was joined this year by Ian McFarlane, Jamie Reid and Tom Semple.

National Indoor Records        
Under 17 Boys High Jump   Colin McMaster 2.01 03/03/96
Under 15 Girls 200m   Kimberly Canning 25.42 25/02/96
Native Records        
Senior Men 5000m   Ian McCafferty 13.23.4 25/07/70
All Time Lists          
Senior Men 1500m 15th Ian McCafferty 3.42.2 22/07/70
  1 mile 6th Ian McCafferty 3.56.8 11/06/69
  3000m 11th Ian McCafferty 7.56.2 25/02/67
  5000m 2nd Ian McCafferty 13.19.66 14/07/72
Scottish Outdoor Rankings        
Senior Men 400m 32nd Ian McFarlane 50.3  
    39th Scott McCarron 50.9  
  800m 18th Ian McFarlane 1.53.21  
    25th Jamie Reid 1.55.2  
  3000m 7th Alaister Russell 8.21.9  
  5000m 8th Alaister Russell 14.17.1  
  10000m 7th Alaister Russell 9.57.3  
  3000m SC 22nd Jamie Reid 9.57.3  
  High Jump 4th Colin McMaster 2.07  
  Javelin 40th Tom Semple 43.72  
  4x400m 18th   3.31.2  
  3x800m 3rd   5.58.07  
  10k Road 29th Alaister Russell 30.37  
Under 20 Men 100m 19th Scott McCarron 11.4  
  200m 17th Scott McCarron 23.2  
  400m 9th Scott McCarron 50.9  
  400m H 12th Scott McCarron 61.28  
  High Jump 1st Colin McMaster 2.07  
    9th Kevin Quigley 1.80  
  Long Jump 8th Colin McMaster 6.25  
Under 13 Boys 100m 5th Frankie Murphy 13.4  
  200m 7th Frankie Murphy 27.6  
  800m 8th Steven Reid 2.25.4  
    12th Steven Lawley 2.28.1  
  1500m 8th Steven Lawley 4.57:9  
  Long Jump 18th Greg Bowes 4.30  
    21st Frankie Murphy 4.28  
  Shot Putt 9th Frankie Murphy 8.45  
  Discus 8th Frankie Murphy 18.06  
  Javelin 2nd Frankie Murphy 29.50  
    10th Steven Lawley 26.84  
  Pentathlon 1st David Campbell 1332  
  4x100m 13th   57.9  
  4x200m 3rd   2.00.7  
  4x400m 2nd   4.43.3  
  3x800m 1st   7.39.19  
Senior Women 100m 22nd Kimberly Canning 12.47  
  200m 13th Kimberly Canning 24.9  
Under 15s 100m 2nd Kimberly Canning 12.47  
    19th Alison Bennett 13.1  
  200m 1st Kimberly Canning 24.9  
    18th Alison Bennett 26.9  
  75m Hurdles 22nd Nicola McGhee 12.7  
  Long Jump 13th Lisa Weldon 4.80  
  4x100m 9th   52.6  
Under 13s Shot Putt 13th Fiona Topping 7.83  
  Javelin 21st Fiona Topping 18.08  
Scottish Indoor Rankings        
Senior Men High Jump 3rd Colin McMaster 2.01  
Under 17 Men High Jump 1st Colin McMaster 2.01  
Under 13 Boys Shot Putt 2nd Frankie Murphy 8.17  
Senior Women 200m 3rd Kimberly Canning 25.42  
Under 15 Girls 200m 1st Kimberly Caning 25.42  

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