The Stone of Askavar - A Mod for Baldurs Gate Tales of the Sword Coast

The Stone of Askavar

Winter at the Friendly Arm Inn

Welcome travellers to my Baldurs Gate webpage. Here you will find details of my mod for Tales of the Sword Coast called 'The Stone of Askavar'. There are also a few downloads including one of my prize creations, a harmonica called 'Tarmaniels Warmth'. A few screenshots as well.


The Stone of Askavar is now complete and supports BG1/TotSC, Tutu, BGT and BG:EE.

The Quest

A long time ago before the retreat of elves the Wood of Sharp Teeth was known as Askavar a now ancient eleven community. Over time Askavar fell into ruin overgrown by the forest and overun by dire wolfs and other strange beasts. Now after 800 years an ancient scroll has been discovered giving details of a stone buried deep beneath the ancient settlements. Believed to hold awesome powers in the wrong hands it could sway the balance of power in the region. You must find the stone before Chaos falls on the Sword Coast.

Kathians Journal


It is as we have feared. Teldorn has sent forth his group of mercenaries and is heading south towards the Sword Coast. They left Voonlar only five days ago and by the time you read this message they will be holed up in Dystra's old watch tower. No doubt others will meet them there until further orders are given. The finding of the Elven stone and the movement of these mercenaries is no coincidence. Teldorn seeks the stone himself, with it he could change the most good natured of peolple into evil minded murderers. We cannot allow this to happen. This small army must be stopped before they reach the Wood of Sharp Teeth. I leave this task to you my friend, gather whatever forces you can muster but hurry there is no time to lose.



The Stone of Askavar v2.4. The current version compatible with TotSC, Tutu, BGT and BG:EE v2.3 and SOD.
Blazing Bams. Includes 40 assorted Bams converted from existing tilesets. Also has a Bam kit with blank scrolls and rock backgrounds for making spell Bams.