The Stone of Askavar

A mod for Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
Version 2.4
(7 May, 2024)

Created by: Red Carnelian

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The Stone of Askavar is a WeiDU-based mod for Baldur's Gate I: Tales of the Sword Coast. This mod involves a main quest and several subquests. There are new items and spells as well as lots of new creatures to fight.

After flooding the Cloakwood mines your adventure begins just north of Nashkel where you will be attacked by members of the Black Gauntlet.


For new players I recommend reading the installation guide on G3. New players guide otherwise:

Extract the contents of the mod archive to your game's main directory.

If you have the Siege of Dragonspear installed then you need to extract the contents of the mod archive to the Siege of Dragonspear main directory.

  1. Double click the SETUP-soa.exe and follow the instructions. You may need the game disc during install if you are installing from a box set.
  2. Choose the language of your choice.
  3. There are two choices. A default version or a BP-BGT worldmap version. If you choose the BP-BGT version option then you will have to install the world map mod afterwards.
  4. Now you are ready to play. You must start a new game to play "The Stone of Askavar".
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Re-installing is simple. Double-click the setup-soa.exe file and enter the given commands for Re-installing.

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Uninstalling is simple. Double-click the setup-soa.exe file and enter the given commands to Uninstall.
On completion return your SAVE games that you backed up to their original Save game folders.

Afterwards, you may delete the following files: Back to top


This Mod has four versions one for BG1/TotSC, BGT, Tutu and a BG:EE version.

All Tutu Mods should be compatible. Only Mods I know to be compatible for BG1/TotSC version at present are Slime Quest, Herbs and Potions, Dark Side of the Sword Coast, Dark Horizons and Improved Bams.
Except for the original TotSC version all other versions work with the world map

I have not completed any compatibility testing with EET although I have been informed it is OK.

Apart from PC I have not tested the the mod on any other devices.

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The Stone of Askavar is copyright 2024

BALDUR'S GATE , BALDUR'S GATE : Tales of the Swordcoast: 1998, 1999 Bioware Corp. All Rights Reserved.

The Stone of Askavar is not developed, supported, or endorsed by BioWare or Interplay/Black Isle.
All images and contents of this mod are copyright BioWare, Interplay/Black Isle or Wizards of the Coast.

REDISTRIBUTION NOTE: The Stone of Askavar was created to be freely enjoyed by all Baldur's Gate gamers. The Stone of Askavar, however, may not be sold, published, compiled or redistributed in any form without the consent of its authors.

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Thanks to all Baldurs Gate players at the Chosen of Mystra forums for their support with this mod.

Thanks to modders at G3 for technical advise and support.

Thanks to Isaya for technical changes.


French: Lothringen
Spanish: AlaisFcZ
German: Jarl,Wertax and Gerri


Thanks to authors and contributors of the DRIZZT Saga for providing a good template to work from.

Below are links to community-related sites:
The Gibberlings Three modding community
Beamdog Forums
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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition
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Version 1.0 (1 August, 2006) First Full Release

Version 1.1 (21 October, 2006) Second Full Release

1. BG/Totsc version incorporated with install

2. TP2 changes

Version 1.2 (12 January, 2007) Third Full Release

1. Tutu support

2. TP2 changes

Version 1.3 BETA (13 September, 2008) Fourth Full Release

1. BGT support

2. Fixed area crashes

3. Fixed Sunstone gem problem

4. TP2 changes

Version 1.3 (20 March, 2009) Fifth Full Release

1. German translation added

2. Fixed rep drop for girl encounter

3. Now start at chapter 5 to be consistent with storyline

4. Initial encounter increased in difficulty

5. More support for worldmap

Version 1.4 (08 April, 2009) Sixth Full Release

1. French translation added

2. Fixed some compatibility issues with G3 anniversary Mod

3. Fixed possible break in main quest with Lizzy encounter

4. Changed reference to Rebecca in Lizzy's script

5. TP2 changes for translation to the world map

Version 1.5 (06 June, 2009) Seventh Full Release

1. Spanish translation added

2. Some translation file corrections in english version

Version 1.6 (10 February, 2012) Eighth Full Release

1. Russian translation added

Version 1.7 (18 April, 2012) Ninth Full Release

1. Polish translation added

Version 1.8 (21 July, 2012) Tenth Full Release

1. Some text corrections

2. Rebalanced several items

3. Kensai can no longer use Mecorima's armor, Kelindra's Helm and armor, Cormyrian Helm

5. Fixed crash that sometimes occurred when accessing minimap in Spider Cavern area

6. Fixed crash to desktop when trying to sleep in Watch Tower area

Version 1.9 (6 July, 2015) Eleventh Full Release

1. Support for BG:EE now included

2. Rebbeca and Lizzy quest completely rewritten.

3. Carneth's Sunstone gem quest has been replaced with a puzzle task.

5. Numerous grammar corrections.

6. Journal entries now better supported.

7. Included worldmap support for all versions except the original TotSC.

8. Improved quality of some description Bams.

9. Several items given correct proficiency types.

Version 2.0 (11 November, 2016) Twelfth Full Release

1. French translation added

2. Fixed some text inconsistencies between versions

3. Fixed access to cave area

4. Fixed problem with wizard in Bluebell wood walking to the top corner

5. Removed the duplicate Stone of Askavar from one of the wizards in the final battle

Version 2.1 (21 December, 2017) Thirteenth Full Release

1. Corrections to grammer

2. Changed usability for Invisibility Ring

Version 2.2 (9 January, 2020) Fourteenth Full Release

1. Polish translation added

2. Russian translation added

Version 2.3 (5 February, 2024) Fifteenth Full Release

1. Spanish and German translations added

2. Prefix update to files

3. Corrections to grammer and punctuation

4. Rebalanced some items

5. Side Quest Added

Version 2.4 (7 May, 2024) Sixteenth Full Release

1. Updates to German translation

2. Traps in Bluebell wood and wooded areas of Dystra's Watch Tower are now detectable

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