We were jazzpunkweirdcore - we played bloody loud.
And when we were good (when the Rat wasn't too fucked up, that is) we were A1, and when we were bad - we stank!

We recorded a scary "muppets-meets-metallica" single callled VAGRANT at the end of 1996. We played all over England in 1997 - we blew away the Free Butt in Brighton and died a thousand miserable deaths at the Powerhaus in London. We recorded one damn good album HYSTERIAMECHANICAL at the end of 1997 - and then split.

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And Click here to read the 1997 TOUR DIARY
- the 100% True Story of Broken Brow's 3 week, 12 date, on-the-edge-of-a-breakdown Tour of England..
Who the **** were Broken Brow????
Preacher John: lead vox, rythmn guitar
Phil the Rat: harmonica, lead guitar
Stuart Edwards: bass guitar
Georgina "George" Heath: drums, cello

Listen to the album - HYSTERIAMECHANICAL - playlisted on YouTube
OR click here for the playlist on Soundcloud

Check out the cover of Broken Brow's first (and only!) 7" vinyl single - VAGRANT, below. All cover art by Preacher John.
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