Who the **** were Broken Brow????
Preacher John: lead vox, rythmn guitar
Phil the Rat: harmonica, lead guitar
Stuart Edwards: bass guitar
Georgina "George" Heath: drums

Check out the cover of Broken Brow's first (and only!) 7" vinyl single - VAGRANT, below. Cover art by Preacher John.
To order Broken Brow's vinyl single - click here.

Read the tour diary here

To hear the entire album - HYSTERIAMECHANICAL click here https://soundcloud.com/broken-brow/sets/hysteriamechanical

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They were jazzpunkweirdcore, they played bloody loud and when they were good (when the Rat wasn't too fucked up, that is) they were A1 and when they were bad they stank.

They recorded a scary "muppets-meets-metallica" single callled VAGRANT at the end of 1996. They played all over England in 1997 - they blew away the Free Butt in Brighton and died a thousand miserable deaths at the Powerhaus in London. They recorded one damn good album HYSTERIAMECHANICAL at the end of 1997 and then split.

To read the 100% true story of Broken Brow's 3 week, 12 date, on-the-edge-of-a-breakdown tour of the UK in 1997 click here
. WARNING: Pain through excessive laughing may result.