Noake's Worcestershire Page 171


Worcester"), which shows how the good Prior kept his father and mother in filial manner - the presents he gave to them and to his poor kinsfolk - the sums he bestowed at their funerals, in herrings, bread, and ale, as also for refreshing the monks; how he assisted at church ales and other parochial merry-makings, giving money to "the juggler's child" for his tumbling performances, and to the maidens of Grimley for singing on May-day; how he provided a well of water for the parishioners, "where never was well there before ;" how he lay by in the said manor-house during his illness, when the "doctor of fysike" was sent for from Hereford ; the sums he expended in the furniture and repairs of the parish church, with many other matters.

At the Dissolution of monasteries, Grimley and Hallow were made part of the possessions of the Dean and Chapter, but in 1547 they surrendered the same in exchange for other lordships, and Grimley and Hallow then became the Bishop's. The manor-house, built in the time of Henry VIII, was destroyed towards the close of the seventeenth century; and the house which now stands on its site is a cross-timbered building, of poor construction, still called "The Palace;" the large gardens are enclosed within ancient walls, and there are remains of the old fish-pools. There were several manors in the parish and chapelry, viz., Hallow, Henwick, Woodhall, Eastbury, and Peachley. Broadheath was a common or waste in the parish; it is now enclosed, except that portion which is in St. John's parish. The Bishop of Worcester is lord of the manor and patron of the living, and the chief landowners are the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, Earl Beauchamp, Mr. Padmore, M.P., Messrs. Britten, Middlemore, Watkins, Barber, Lowick, W. L. Childe, C. W. Lea, Gordon, Rowlands, Pullen, Byrd, Hyde, Munn, &c. The handsome mansion at Hallow Park, overlooking the Severn, and which has always been a picturesque object from the city of Worcester, is occupied by 'Squire Lord. It has been for centuries the property of the Lygons, and in this park it is said Queen