Noake's Worcestershire Page 188


withstanding the same) to be prioresse of Westwood. Dame Helianor Porter and Isabelle Cassie were in this election proctors in ye mon'arie of Westwood of the order of Fontevraud. Br. John Greene, a monke of Wor, and Doctor of Divinitie, and Mr, Thomas Dunclent, parson of Tredington, were commissioners for installing the Ladle Marie ile Acton. These here I sett downe more precisely out of ye registrie of ye Priorie of Wor. sede vacante because some of our ancient gentlemen are descended fro' ye same families."

Isabella, the above-named prioress, died under excommunication. Joice Acton, the last prioress, was pensioned off, at the Dissolution, on 10 a year. There were seventeen or eighteen nuns. Westwood was then granted to Sir J. Pakington, a favourite of Henry VIII, who made him a Welsh judge, and permitted him to wear his hat in the King's presence whenever he chose. Westwood and Crutch are hamlets or parishes attached to Hampton Lovett, and among the old names of places are Hell Hole and Egg Hill.

Hanley Castle.

STRETCHES from the Severn,in the neighbourhood of Upton, as-far as the Malvera hills, including the holy well there. It is a most interesting parish, physically, morally, and historically - abounds with admirable institutions, and is blessed with many resident gentry of the right sort, and a vicar who has for many years been actively useful among his flock. Hanley was part of the great "chase" or forest of Malvern, and the forest keeper resided here on the same site as the present Hanley Hall, now the residence of William Davis, Esq. There was a sessions room for the trial of all offences committed in the forest, also a gaol and gallows; and "Hangman's Lane" still perpetuates