Noake's Worcestershire Page 191


time been a stronghold of the Catholics, owing to the lord of the manor belonging to that Church. A monastery for " Redemptorists," with school and church, was founded by Mr. Hornyold, and opened in 1846, at a cost of some 20,000. Dr. Wiseman preached at the opening. The chapel is exquisitely beautiful, and I believe was by Pugin or one of his pupils. The old mansion of the Hornyolds was a tolerably secure retreat for the persecuted Catholic priests in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; and Dr. Hornyold was Vicar Apostolic of the Midland District from 1768 to 1778. Besides the above, there is a Catholic Chapel at Little Malvern and a convent at Powick, adjoining the parish of Hanley.

And now for the other institutions of the place - (1) There is an endowed Grammar School, which will, no doubt, meet all the requirements of the parish now that a new master (Rev. W. Walker, Vice-Principal of St. Peter's College, Peterborough, a gentleman highly qualified) is appointed and the school more adapted to modern wants; (2) a Working Man's Institute, with lodgings for labourers or artisans, penny readings, and other amusements in the winter months; (3) a parochial lending library; (4) the allotment system; (5) two old benefit societies, "The Hanley Quay Club" and the "Hanley Swan Club ;" (6) abundance of charities; and (7) a fund for church repairfc, in lieu of church rates.


A LARGE agricultural parish, of nearly 8,000 acres, between Droitwich and Bromsgrove, which are respectively the post towns of the western and eastern sides of the parish. The population according to the last return was 1,044. The living is one of the most valuable