Noake's Worcestershire Page 207


and fell into private hands - the Marescalls, Pembrokes, Beauchamps, and De Bergavenny family. The Earl of Abergavenny is the present lord of the manor, patron of the living, and a principal landowner, besides Earl Beauchamp, W. Hemming, Esq., Miss Phillips, R. Chattock, Esq., Slade Baker, Esq., Mr. Cowley, and Mr. R. Hunt. Flat, bleak, and scant of timber, the parish has a cold and chilly aspect. It produces wheat, barley, beans, mangel-wurzel, and swedes, and a good deal of drainage is being executed under the Public Loan Commissioners. Great improvement in the roads and the cultivation of the laud has taken place here in the last thirty years, and probably in a few more years it will vie with the most favoured localities both in its physical aspect and productiveness. No manufactures have as yet been started in this extensive parish. The village is situate at the base of a pleasant slope at the south side of the parish, and the old church, the parsonage, and the schools, form a picturesque group.

Inkberrow has many members and divisions, and in olden time had several chapelries. There is Little Inkberrow, a small hamlet of two or three cottages; Egiock and Cladshall, both which gave names to time-honoured families who have long since passed away, not even leaving an habitation behind them; Knighton Park, no mansion now standing; Noberry and Morton Underhill, chapels, existing in the thirteenth century, both disappeared; Cookhill, a nunnery founded by the Countess of Warwick, not a fragment of a ruin remaining. It is a saddening thing to dwell upon the mutations of ages and to note how inevitably " change " is written upon all men, things, and institutions. The Egiock or Eggeoke family were gentlemen of repute, and regardors of the forest of Feckenham; then there were the Savages of Egiock and Bag End, one of whom attached a south chapel to the parish church; the Gowers, the Sheldons - existing now only in the parish register, on monuments, or in the portly folios of Nash; and their dwelling-places, too, clean gone.