Noake's Worcestershire Page 254


with massive framed roof, lofty doorways under segmental archways, and stone crosses on the gables. In the village of South Littleton is a mansion of the Dutch style, of the period of William III, built as an addition to a much older gabled house. The building is now a farm-house, and curiously enough the family lives almost entirely in the old part, the handsome Dutch mansion being used for little else than as a granary, The building presents the most picturesque combination of over-hanging roofs, dormers, chimneys, and turret, the vane of which bears date 1721.

Lord Northwick is lord of the manor, and is the principal landowner in North and Middle Littleton, and Mr. G. Williams in the South. Messrs. J. P. and T. Smith reside at South Littleton Manor Farm, and Mr. Jonathan Slatter farms his own land in the same parish.

Patrons of the living, Dean and Chapter of Christ Church; value 258, both parishes being held together as perpetual curacies; incumbent, the Rev. H. G. Faussett; church accommodation, 110 and 170.

Longdon, with Castle Morton, and Chaseley.

THE reader will now accompany me to the southern border of the county, on the confines of Gloucestershire - a district remarkable as the site of "the Marshes," the proposed drainage of which has long threatened to drain the pockets of everybody in the neighbourhood. It is an extensive flat, formerly some 10,000 acres in extent, but now partially enclosed and drained; anciently a back-water of the Severn estuary, on which a great breadth of water still remains for some months in the year. Marine plants and