Noake's Worcestershire Page 344



A CHARMING little town on the Teme, about twenty-two miles from Worcester, surrounded by a lovely country, with orchards, hop plantations, beautiful hills and dales, trout fishing, baths, mineral waters, and such a host of other attractions as will some day make the fortune of the little place when a grateful Bishop or right-minded Lord shall have derived from its waters that health they are so calculated to promote. Many years ago an inhabitant of the town, having occasion to sink a well on his premises, found the water so unfit for use that he filled up the well again. This was no doubt the saline water, but nothing further was done in the matter till 1839, when a mineral spring was accidentally discovered in sinking a well upon the premises of Mr. Godson, who procured an analysis pf the water; and Dr. Granville, who visited the place, details the particulars in his "Spas of England," Several eminent chemists have pronounced the water to hold in solution a much larger amount of saline matter than the springs of Cheltenham and Leamington or those of the celebrated German spas; and for the several forms of scrofula, enlargement of the glands, sores and ulcers, tubercles at an early stage, scurvy, liver complaints, inaction of the intestines, congestion of the secreting organs, gout, &c., it is strongly recommended.

To give effect to this admirable production of Tenbury, and to attract visitors and invalids, a company was recently formed to lay out pleasure grounds and erect baths, and there are hotels and boarding-houses sufficient to meet all present requirements. Two railways approach the town - the Tenbury and Woofferton, a branch running into the Shrewsbury and