Noake's Worcestershire Page 352



PART of the disafforested chase of Malvern, to the extent of 2,086 acres; has a flat surface, divided into arable and pasture, with some orcharding, and chiefly produces corn, with, a great quantity of cider and perry. Houses scattered, but the population much on the increase, owing to the enclosures: in 1841 there were 489 inhabitants; 1851, 582; 1861, 802. A rapid increase in the population has arisen from the sales of small pieces of land in lots, upon which cottages hare been built. Glove-making and agriculture are the sources of employment. Principal landowners, J. V. Hornyold, W. Laslett, T. Beale, W. Davis, G. W. Hastings, J. Goldingham, Esqrs., Mrs. Green, and Shewring's Charity. No resident gentry; and the school is entirely dependent on the vicar, the curate, and the children's pence. The church was rebuilt in 1672 and the tower in 1738. A new church in a more central part of the parish is much required, and a plan of one has been prepared by Mr. Hugall, but there being no resident landlord, and all the proprietary absentees, great difficulty will have to be encountered; and if means for the erection of a church cannot be obtained, a cemetery with a chapel will probably be the aim of their exertions. At the time of the enclosure a piece of land was allotted for burial purposes, the present churchyard being inadequate. Seats in the present church, 175; free, 71. Rev. A. B. Lechmere vicar; value of living 378; Lord Chancellor patron. The Dissenters have a small chapel in the parish.