Endnotes on :Adjustments

 Vila : I've had my head adjusted by some of the best in the business.  But it just won't stay adjusted.

 I wrote this because there’s so much fanfic based around Blake’s conditioning, and everyone seems to forget about poor Vila.

It was almost called “Memory”

Originally it was going to have a beginning that explained how they’d ended up at Reymon’s planet in the first place but I couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for writing that part, it’s not really relevant to the story anyway.  I do have this tendency when writing to come up with ideas that are basically middles.  Then spend ages trying to find and end and a beginning.  I find beginnings the most difficult part (along with titles) so often tend to drop into the action straight away.

It had been sitting half finished for ages because I wanted a more definite ending than Vila just slipping back into the usual ship’s routine.  The ending I finally used abruptly came to me all in one go some weeks later and I scribbled it down it a great hurry before it fled again.

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