Mini Guys


Well this all started because I had some very half-hearted penny-for-the-guy kids round the house this year.  Dressing up a teddy bear in your old tracksuit is Not Making an Effort.  So I thought.  I can do better than that.  Resources and housemate tolerance not stretching to my making full sized LGM guys in the living room so I too settled for the stuffed toy option, and they are unlikely to be burned...

Took longer than I intended to put these up and the photo quality leaves quite a bit to be desired.  It kept me amused for a while though.

In proper Guy Fawkes traditional their costumes are made from old clothes and salvage.  I bought the bears themselves from charity shops.

Byers-Bear was the most complicated.  

The suit was made of stretchy wool and he was more or less sewn into it, as while I can use a needle and thread I'm not really up to tailoring.  For the same reason, the shirt was faked up, though the tie was properly tied.


Fro-Bear's leather get up owes more to gaffer tape than sewing but cutting it out so it fit was...interesting.  

I did make him a pair of glasses but they haven't shown up properly in the photo on my rubbish camera.  

His radio headset was a butchered pair of broken glasses.


Langly-Bear had the easiest costume, but the hairdo was a nightmare.  I used unspun tussah silk which was just the right shade and texture but got absolutely everywhere and stuck to everything.

The T-shirt is more or less the one from One Son for no better reason than the spare fabric I had was white.  I'm tempted to make him a few more.

His glasses used to be the case for my foldy pliers as they were never, ever put away in it anyway.

Making the laptop computer for him was fun - I watched too much Blue Peter as a kid.



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