More Gunmen in the UK!

I mean how many people watch Sci-Fi channel?  Really?  Wouldn't it be so much nicer if one of the terrestrial channels picked up the series?  Lots of new fans and those us who lucky enough to have seen it on SciFi would get to watch it all over again!

Try the BBC

BBC 2 has traditionally shown a fair amount of SF.  (Okay, admittedly it reschedules it every time there's cricket/snooker/tiddlywinks on, but it does show it.)  And they have shown the complete run of the X-Files (starting season 9 at 11PM, Sunday 9th November)

Write to the BBC

PO Box 1922
G2 3WT


PO Box 1116
Belfast BT2 7AJ

Phone the BBC

On 08700 100 222 (24 hours)

Send Web feedback to the BBC


They also have themed discussion forums where it might be worth mentioning it.  They are quite strictly moderated so do respected the no spoilers rule where appropriate.

X-Files Forum (no spoilers) at

X-Files Forum (spoilers) at


Try Channel 4

They've been showing quite a lot of new American SF lately so might be worth a try.  They did go and get Enterprise when the BBC had all the other Start Trek series after all.

Write to Channel 4

Viewer Enquiries
Channel 4 Television
124 Horseferry Road

Phone Channel 4

On 020 7306 8333 (9am-10.30pm weekdays, 10am-9pm weekends and public holidays)

Send Web feedback to Channel 4



Try Channel 5

They also show a lot of American series.  And might just nab it because none of the major channels have.

Write to Channel 5

Duty Office
Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd.
22 Long Acre

Telephone Channel 5

On 08457 050505


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