The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas


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CheckIn.jpeg (168668 bytes)
The team check into the hotel
MurdockSuit.jpeg (146608 bytes)
Murdock in very bad Accountant outfit.
Creepy6.jpeg (143736 bytes)
Murdock in very very creepy mode.
NewlyWeds.jpeg (161973 bytes)
Face and Amy do the Newly Wed thing.
SniperFace.jpeg (143725 bytes)
Sniper Face
Getaway.jpeg (147033 bytes)
Bundled in the van for the getaway
ConfusedFace.jpeg (137173 bytes)
Worried Face.
Motel.jpeg (154011 bytes)
At the motel
WatchWoody.jpeg (153446 bytes)
Murdock concerned for Woody
OnTV.jpeg (164552 bytes)
"Don't we know this guy?"
Lift.jpeg (167988 bytes)
"Do you like helicopters?"
CheerUp.jpeg (143863 bytes)
Unconcerned by the car chase
Fly.jpeg (155800 bytes)
Murdock enjoying the flight more than his passenger
HeliCar.jpeg (149877 bytes)
Getting run off the road by a chopper!
Paper.jpeg (152492 bytes)
At the paper
HitchHike1.jpeg (129804 bytes)
Runway hitch-hiking.


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