Black Day at Bad Rock


Intro Teaser

[Face and Hannibal carry B.A. into a doctor's.]
Hannibal: Shot in the leg.  He's lost a lot of blood, doctor.
Dr Sullivan: All right, bring him over here, put him on the table.
[Hannibal on the telephone]
Hannibal: We need Murdock.
[Cut to Murdock legging it out of the hospital towards a car.]
Murdock: Pedal to the metal, sweetheart!
[Back to B.A. on the doctor's table]
Hannibal: How is he, doc?
Dr Sullivan: It took sixty stitches to close him up.  What were you hunting?  Elephants?
: Quail.
[Shots of B.A. getting a blood transfusion from Murdock]
B.A.: I don't want this sucker's blood in me!  Gonna make me crazy, just like he is!
[Cut to Murdock doing a chicken impression in front of a crowd of bikers]
[Cut to the Sheriff bursting into the doctor's]
Sheriff: Freeze it or lose it!
[Face and Hannibal locked up]
Hannibal: You expecting company, Sheriff?
[Cut to bikers]
Deputy: Those Barbarians are killers.
[Cut to Amy talking to Dr Sullivan]
Amy: They're planning to come in here and burn this town down.
[Cut to B.A. sat in the steeple of the town church]
B.A.: Here they come.
Hannibal: Watch this.
[One of the bikers jumps the van and crashes]
Murdock: Chicken!

Covers the plot quite well and plenty of action, all you need really.



The episode opens with Hannibal and Face rushing to get B.A. to a doctor.  Face slipped up and B.A. got shot in the leg and is bleeding badly.

They find a doctor willing to help but B.A. has rare AB- type blood and needs a transfusion.  Happily the team's very rare Murdock has AB- blood too, so Hannibal rings Amy to tell her to fetch Murdock.

Unfortunately Doctor Sullivan has some concerns about this odd collection of people who've turned up and suspects they may be part of a motorcycle gang which has been terrorising the town.  She calls the Sheriff who is already holding the leader of the bikers (Sonny Jenko) on two murder counts.

Not realising she's already phoned the Sheriff, Hannibal asks Dr Sullivan to keep their presence a secret.  She looks like she might be won over but the arrival of the Sheriff interrupts them.  Face and Hannibal are taken to the town jail and the Sheriff runs their prints to find out who they are—which comes as rather a surprise.

Murdock meantime breaks out of the hospital and Amy meets him in her car. 

In the jail Face and Hannibal seem unconcerned and are playing cards, Face cheating not very effectively.  Hannibal boasts that he could break out easily.  The officers are not convinced even when Face offers to put a bet on it.

The bikers meanwhile are preparing to break their leader out of jail.  The cut the telephone poles, cutting off communication with the town.

At the Sheriff's office Hannibal is nowhere to be found when the deputy brings in lunch.  The officers rush outside to look for him, leaving the cell door open.  Hannibal emerges from his hiding place and strolls out.  He releases Face and locks the two officers in.  Jenko tells them to let him out too and he'll help them but Hannibal refuses.

In the car, Murdock and Amy are well on their way to Bad Rock.  Murdock is trying to get the team on the radio but with no success.

The team return to Dr Sullivan's to get B.A.  She is somewhat surprised to see them back and tells them B.A. can't be moved until he has some blood.  Hannibal assures here they have a donor on the way – even though it's not one B.A. is happy about.

Murdock finally gets Face on the radio and arrives at Dr Sullivan's.

They perform the transfusion though B.A. is afraid it will make him as crazy as Murdock.  Murdock does nothing at all to dissuade him from that opinion and Face is getting more and more worried that B.A. is going to make him sorry he slipped up.

They take B.A. out in a wheelchair though Dr Sullivan still insists he shouldn't be moved.  Hannibal tries to convince her they really are the good guys, giving her a big kiss as encouragement but ending up locking her in the closet!

They leave, Hannibal, Face and B.A. in the van and Murdock and Amy in her car.  Hannibal tells Murdock that if the MPs show up to get himself and Amy away.

On their way back they see the bikers preparing to move on the town.  Hannibal feels a bit guilty for leaving the Sheriff locked up with that level of trouble brewing and they decide to go back and help.

They delay the bikers at a cafe by scooping up all their bikes and dangling them from a crane.

The Sheriff is even more surprised the Dr Sullivan was, to see them back but reluctantly agrees to accept their help in return for not turning them over to the military.  Amy goes to explain things to Dr Sullivan.

The team disguise an old real estate building as the Sheriff's office and set traps for the bikers who turn up and of course lose badly.

The Sheriff thanks them and keeps his word, letting them go. 

B.A. says it time Face paid for getting him injured but when he goes to punch him, changes his mind and just grins at him instead.


Bad Guys


The Barbarians, a particularly nasty motorcycle gang.  Not too bright though.  Turn up in Bad Rock to break their leader out of jail and cause some havoc.

Sonny Jenko

Leader of the bikers.  Arrested for two counts of murder.  The Sheriff was waiting for him to be transferred.  Convinced his biker gang would break him out.  He tried to get pally with Face and Hannibal when they were locked up next to him but just got insulted a lot instead.


Lynch and co turn up just too late at the end.


Good Guys

Doctor Maggie Sullivan

Nice lady doctor.  Treats B.A. but calls the Sheriff on the team as she suspects they're part of the biker gang.  She does come round though and definitely develops a liking for Hannibal.


Essentially a good guy though technically on the opposite side of the law to the team.  He does reluctantly accept their help and does keep his side of the agreement.


Didn't get to do much other than pick up Murdock when he legs it from the hospital.  A few nice little bits in the car with Murdock, she's curious but not bothered by his sudden outburst of poetry and smile and bops along quite happily when he starts singing.  I liked her no nonsense approach to dealing with the irate Dr Sullivan too.


Hardware, Action, and Scams

Jail break

That was a pretty half-hearted bit of searching the officers did but I'll excuse it on the grounds they were overwhelmed by Hannibal's reputation<g>

Annoying bikers

Murdock got to play with a crane and I just love the image of the bikers all just standing there with their bikes dangling overhead<g>

Fake Sheriff's office

Creative, although the bikers did say they were intending to trash the whole town so it should have been a temporary diversion at best.

Lesson for the ep--it is not a good idea to let Murdock loose with paint.  Yuck.


Random Remarks

Apparently they don't always take Murdock with them on missions, on this occasion he'd been back at the hospital.

Love Murdock's teasing B.A. while he gets more and more annoyed and Face gets more and more stressed.  Actually there was loads of good character interaction in this ep.  Liked Murdock playing with the wheelchair and B.A. ordering him around when he was pushing it.  Face trying to placate B.A.  I like the way Hannibal is just calmly keeping an eye on it all—he reassures Face that B.A's not going to damage him, and tells Murdock to lay off when he's getting B.A. particularly wound up.

A simple enough plot but entertaining.  The Sheriff's indecisions about what he should do about the team is interesting and well done.

Nice to see Dr Sullivan turn up again in a later ep too.


End Frames

Blood transfusion, Murdock and B.A. lying on the table.
B.A. in the van.
Murdock tasting the paint.
Jenko in jail.
Hannibal shaking the Sheriff's hand.
Hannibal locking Dr Sullivan in the closet.
Murdock wheeling BA down the street as Face runs up to give him a gun.
The bikers attacking.
Murdock's chicken impression.


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