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  society chairman : chairman@portsmouthdnb.co.uk
society president : president@portsmouthdnb.co.uk
society vice president : vice.president@portsmouthdnb.co.uk
all society related issues : society@portsmouthdnb.co.uk
site maintenance : webmaster@portsmouthdnb.co.uk
web deisgn : tradeoff.designs@walles.co.uk
Chairman : Contact to discuss future plans for the society. Ensures the society will be run for the members. Also contact for mini bus trips. Please don't hesitate to e-mail or call.

President : Contact for the larger events held in the union and for any aspiring DJ/MC. Any additional info required please don't hesitate to e-mail or call.
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  society chairman : Mike W
course : Business and Information Technology
email : chairman@portsmouthdnb.co.uk
tel : 07973 794241
  society president : Jack
course : Something Hardcore
email : president@portsmouthdnb.co.uk
tel : 07753 650597
  society vice president : Jamie DNB
course : Legal
email : vice.president@portsmouthdnb.co.uk
tel : -
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Directions : Click here for written directions to the students union from the M275.