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 The End :
 True Playaz :
 TOV Music Group :
One of London's most impresive clubs. Renowned for its extreme sub bass capabilities! Absolutly amazing! - Sweet!
True Playaz sounds, sound of the hype! The one and only Ganja Kru! Featuring DJ Hype, Pascal and Zinc.
For the darkest and hardest from within the scene. Possibly more futuristic than some can handle.

 Ram Records :
 Drum & Bass Arena :
 Full Cycle :
Developing with their technical knowledge, recognised for thier production techniques.
The best Drum & Bass web site in the world! Everything you need to know about what is happening in the scene from every perspective.
Featuring some of the finest in the industry, Size, Krust, Suv and Die just to name but a few.

 Knowledge Magazine :
 Urban Takeover :
 DnBMassive :
The Worlds Premier Drum N Bass, Breakbeat magazine!  
The Urban Takeover DJ/MC Agency, very helpful crew.
Local site keeping you up to date on whats happening in Portsmouth dnb scene.