MUGEN Characters by Majere

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Work in Progress- Currently a Yohko Mano preview


Download MFixer here (1.5Mb) to help update characters to new versions of MUGEN!


Download AirFixer here (1.5Mb) to update AIR files to v. 2000.06.27 of MUGEN!


Sarah and QTX are for v 2000.01.01 of MUGEN only. A-ko and B-ko come as standard for 2000.06.27, but

there are patch files available on the download page for 2000.01.01.



Sarah Gyger- from ABH, my Amiga fighting game


QTX-031- also from ABH


Eiko Magami, from the anime 'Project A-ko!'


Biko Daitokuji- Eiko's arch-rival, also from 'Project A-ko'