Acomb and St John Lee

1841 Census

Heart of all England Genealogists

Address Name   Age Occupation  
Acomb Garden William Pattison 50 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Garden Ann Pattison 40   Y
Acomb Garden Sarah Pattison 15   Y
Acomb Garden Joseph Pattison 10   Y
Acomb Garden Jane Pattison 8   Y
Acomb Thomas Dodd 30 Engineman Y
Acomb Ann Dodd 25   Y
Acomb Mary Ann Dodd 2   Y
Acomb Joseph Schollick 20 Joiner J N
Acomb George Charlton 76 Carpenter Y
Acomb John Charlton 38 Carpenter Y
Acomb Frances Charlton 76   Y
Acomb Edward Charlton 78 Independent Y
Acomb Mary Charlton 84   Y
Acomb Isabella Pearson 15 FS Y
Acomb Sarah Pearson 43 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Mary Ann Pearson 19 Straw Hat Maker Y
Acomb Jane Pearson 8   Y
Acomb Mabel Pearson 6   Y
Acomb Robert Pearson 4   Y
Acomb Hugh Parker 20 Leadore Miner Y
Acomb Elizabeth Parker 22   Y
Acomb Ann Parker 10   Y
Acomb Mary Ann Matthews 25 Independent Y
Acomb John Hetherington 25 Lead Miner Y
Acomb William Hutchinson 50 Tailor Y
Acomb Mary Hutchinson 50   Y
Acomb John Hutchinson 25 Tailor J Y
Acomb William Hutchinson 20 Tailor J Y
Acomb Mary Hutchinson 18   Y
Acomb William Turnbull 3   Y
Acomb William Cant 60 Independent Y
Acomb Thomas Hutchinson 15 Tailor Ap Y
Acomb Matthew Pears 30 Collier Y
Acomb Margaret Pears 25   Y
Acomb Thomas Pears 5   Y
Acomb Matthew Pears 1   Y
Acomb Mary Bell 60 Independent Y
Acomb William Bell 20 Engineman Y
Acomb Robert Bell 14   Y
Acomb Annes Bell 8   S
Half Way House John Corrow 15 Ag Lab Y
Half Way House Elizabeth Wilkinson 25 FS Y
Half Way House Catherine Thompson 15 FS Y
High Barnes Thomas Hill 28 Farmer Y
High Barnes Luisa Hill 27   Y
High Barnes Elizabeth Hill 2   Y
High Barnes Isabella Hill 9m   Y
High Barnes Barbara Hill 20   Y
High Barnes Isabella Hill 14   Y
High Barnes Isabella Robson 35 Independent Y
High Barnes Mary Ridley 28 FS Y
High Barnes Joshua Dodd 22 Ag Lab Y
High Barnes Thomas Rowell 17 Ag Lab Y
Low Barnes Thomas Rowell 91 Farmer Y
Acomb Fell George Armstrong 25 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Fell Ann Armstrong 25   Y
Acomb Fell William Armstrong 4   Y
Acomb Fell John Armstrong 2   Y
Silver Hill Matthew Stobert 50 Ag Lab Y
Silver Hill Mary Stobert 13   Y
Silver Hill Elizabeth Stobert 11   Y
Cushit Joseph Charlton 50 Ag Lab Y
Cushit Mary Charlton 25 Ag Lab Y
Cushit William Charlton 15 Labourer Y
Cushit Joseph Charlton 14   Y
New Rift Joseph Rutter 30 Farmer Y
New Rift Ann Rutter 25   Y
New Rift George Langlands 20 Ag Lab Y
New Rift Joseph Robson 14 Ag Lab Y
New Rift Jane Hewitson 22 FS Y
Salmons Well Michael Bell 55 Ag Lab Y
Salmons Well John Bell 20 Ag Lab Y
Salmons Well Isabella Cant 40 FS Y
Acomb Mill Thomas Walker 38 Miller Y
Acomb Mill Jane Walker 38   Y
Acomb Mill Thompson Walker 25 Grocer Y
Acomb Mill John Walker 12   Y
Acomb Mill William Walker 10   Y
Acomb Mill Margaret Walker 7   Y
Acomb Mill Jane Walker 5   Y
Acomb Mill Susannah Walker 3   Y
Acomb Mill George Walker 1   Y
Acomb Mill Margaret Scott 78 Independent Y
Acomb Mill Ralph Conckleton 15 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Mill Frances Thompson 15 FS Y
Acomb Mill Richard Ridley 70 Independent Y
Acomb Mill Mary Glendinning 35 FS Y
Acomb Thomas Bell 30 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Elizabeth Bell 38   Y
Acomb Elizabeth Bell 2   Y
Acomb John Rutherford 30 Shoemaker Y
Acomb Charlotte Rutherford 25   Y
Acomb Frances Rutherford 2   Y
Acomb William Rutherford 9m   Y
Acomb John Alsop 20 Collier Y
Acomb Mary Alsop 20   Y
Acomb Edward Alsop 45 Inn Keeper Y
Acomb Ann Alsop 45   Y
Acomb Edward Alsop 15   Y
Acomb Mary Pattison 21 FS Y
Acomb George Robson 30 Lead Miner Y
Acomb Elizabeth Robson 20   Y
Acomb Ann Spark 18 FS Y
Acomb John Reay 65 Slater Y
Acomb Ann Reay 55   Y
Acomb William Todd 20 Leadore Miner Y
Acomb Ann Todd 20   Y
Acomb Joseph Stokoe 20 Carter Y
Acomb Mary Stokoe 20   Y
Acomb Ann Ritson 55 Independent Y
Acomb Hannah Nevin 35 Independent N
Acomb Ann Nevin 13   Y
Acomb Margaret Nevin 12   Y
Acomb Elizabeth Nevin 10   Y
Acomb John Whitfield 83 Independent Y
Acomb Thomas Ridley 55 Farmer Y
Acomb Elizabeth Ridley 55   Y
Acomb Richard Ridley 25   Y
Acomb Percival Hall 20 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Isabella Steel 25 FS Y
Acomb Thomas Swinburn 30 Collier Y
Acomb Elizabeth Swinburn 7   Y
Acomb Jane Maughan 35 FS Y
Acomb Robert Kell 55 Pensioner Y
Acomb Susanna Kell 50   Y
Acomb Robert Kell 20 Leadore Miner Y
Acomb Mary Kell 18   Y
Acomb Samuel Kell 15 Leadore Miner Y
Acomb John Kell 12   Y
Acomb Isabella Kell 10   Y
Acomb Margaret Nichol 40 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Francis Nichol 18 Collier N
Acomb Thomas Nichol 15 Collier N
Acomb Margaret Nichol 9   Y
Acomb Ann Nichol 7   Y
Acomb William Nichol 5   Y
Acomb George Nichol 2   N
Acomb Joseph Nichol 8m   Y
Acomb Thomas Rutherford 40 Pitman Y
Acomb John Ramsay 68 Well Sinker Y
Acomb Jane Ramsay 20   Y
Acomb Mary Neal 25 Ag Lab Y
Acomb James Neal 6   Y
Acomb Margaret Neal 4   Y
Acomb Ann Cant 55 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Thomas Johnson 20 Leadore Miner Y
Acomb Margaret Johnson 40   Y
Acomb Elizabeth Johnson 1   Y
Acomb Alice Alsop 75 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Thomas Alsop 15 Carter Y
Acomb Isabella Alsop 11   Y
Acomb Elenor Pattison 65 Ag Lab Y
Acomb Hannah Reed 65 Glove Sewer Y
Riding Thomas Dodd 50 Independent Y
Riding Mabel Dodd 50   S
Riding John Bernard Dodd 20   Y
Riding Henry Dodd 17   Y
Riding William Dodd 13   Y
Riding Emma Esther Dodd 12   Y
Riding Isabella Dodd 11   Y
Riding Isabella English 50 FS Y
Riding Barbara Kirsopp 23 FS Y
Riding Margaret Errington 30 Farmer Y
Riding Nicholas Errington 35 Cattle Dealer Y
Riding William Errington 4   Y
Riding Thomas Drydon Errington 2   Y
Riding William Errington 7   Y
Riding Hannah Cotes 15 FS Y
Riding John Barne 16 Ag Lab Y
Riding Edward Cragy 14 Ag Lab Y
St John Lee Mary Leeke 60 Independent Y
St John Lee Henry Peters 35 Clerk N
St John Lee Isabella Turner 19 FS Y
Acomb William Hemsley 30 Registrar Birth/Death Y
Acomb Isabella Hemsley 30   Y
Acomb Jane Hemsley 30   Y

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