The index is arranged to give as much information as possible but it is not a complete transcript. All users are advised to check with the original microfilm of the Enumeratorís returns whenever possible.

The columns used from left to right are as follows: -

1. The Street or House Name

2. Christian Name

3. Surname

4. Age (usually given to the nearest 5 years)

5. Occupation

6. Whether born in Northumberland or Not

(see below for further details)



Column 4 (Age)

w = weeks

m = months





Column 5


Ag Lab Agricultural Labourer

Ap Apprentice

As Assistant

FS Female servant

J Journeyman

MS Male servant

n.k. not known


Column 6


Y Born in Northumberland

N Not born in Northumberland

I Born in Ireland

S Born in Scotland