Tribe sleeve
1 Open
2 Losing myself
3 Desert dance
4 Falling behind
5 Great divide
6 Rhythmn of hope
7 Tribe
8 Blood
9 Art of life
10 Doin' fine

Kerrang 19 July 2003

QUEENSRYCHE - Tribe ****

It has been a very long time since Queensryche last made an album worth getting excited about, but all good things come to those who wait, and this is easily the Seattle mob's best effort since the mighty 'Empire'.

Keeping the songs simple very nearly worked on the last album, 1999's 'Q2K', but there was a spark missing on that record that has returned with a vengeance here. A dark, warm production, and Geoff Tate's searing voice all contribute greatly, but it's an air of purposeful aggression, so evident on the band's earlier masterworks, that makes 'Tribe' such a stunning return to form. 'Open', 'Losing myself' and the ominous title track are among the best songs the band have written.

Dom Lawson

Not everybody likes it, though...

Classic Rock September 2003

Queensryche 'Tribe' **

Arguably the most anticipated Queensryche album since 'Empire', such is the band's enduring reputation as The Thinking Mans Metal Band that people genuinely hoped it be a return to the sort of form that they haven't shown in years. But once again this is a let-down.

So why the anticipation? Because of former guitarist Chris DeGarmo's much heralded return to the band. Why the let down? Because his involvement is severely limited. Is it any coincidence that the two best tracks on the album - 'Falling behind' and 'Doin' fine' - were co-written by him? And is it an equal coincidence that the rest of the material barely any better than on their previous record, the risible 'Y2Q'?

Queensryche seem to be somewhat lost and confused these days, unable to develop their sound into a more esoteric direction, yet also seemingly out of tocuh with their roots. DeGarmo's return seems to have been short-lived and restricted, and the band themselves are no more than a shadow of their once glorious selves. Sad.

Malcolm Dome

Daily Express 18 July 2003


Like fellow Seattle residents Pearl Jam, Queensryche are one of those serious, political and accomplished rock bands who seem to have lost the ability to write decent tunes. In fact, after listening to this latest release, I doubt they'd know what a decent tune was if it hit them in the face with a giant drumstick - although that would be entertaining to watch.

Marcus Dunk

The Daily Express is a Tory rag. This is the equivalent of your Gran saying she doesn't like it, and could you please put the Daniel O'Donnell CD back on. However, the Classic Rock review is disappointing. I have to say, I quite like 'Tribe'. It's not their best, but it's far better than 'HITNF'. I don't agree that 'Falling behind' and 'Doin' fine' are the best songs - for me it's 'Blood' - a gloriously understated melancholy piece, Geoff's view of the war on Iraq. 'Open' is a close second. I've emailed Classic Rock to ask for a copy of 'Y2Q' though, I've never seen that listed anywhere before...