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The chain around the neck of humanity is our tendancy to pass judgement on others.
Releases of Tribe
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Tribe [ sleeve 61kb ]
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1 Open
2 Losing myself
3 Desert dance
4 Falling behind
5 Great divide
6 Rhythmn of hope
7 Tribe
8 Blood
9 Art of life
10 Doin' fine
Open [ sleeve 44kb ]
US promo CD SANDJ-85559-2
1 Open
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Reviews of Tribe
  Album reviews from Kerrang, Classic Rock and the Daily Express, and also at Music Street Journal, and On Track magazine.
Amsterdam 4 June 2003
Sweden rock festival June 2003
London 5 June 2003
Milan 8 June 2003 - in Italian
Columbus, OH, USA 2 July 2003
Kansas City July 2003
Seattle, 2 August 2003
New Hampshire October 2003
PNC Arts Centre 7 October 2003
Keswick Theatre, PA 24 Oct 2003
Sacramento 2003
Photos from the Tribe era
Ticket stub for Amsterdam concert 4 June 2003 31kb, and pictures from the show
Thanks to Joe for the pictures below
Ticket stub for Wilmington concert 12 July 2003 141kb
Band picture including Chris 87kb
Band picture including Chris 91kb
Band picture 4 members b/w 70kb
Band picture including Mike Stone 107kb
Tribe tour poster
Just where were Queensryche on 29 June 2003? Access Atlanta had pictures of them in Atlanta NB this site now requires registration, so you'll have to search for the pictures. This site has pictures of them in Tampa. My knowledge of American geography isn't great, but I don't think Atlanta and Tampa are very close...
Pictures from San Diego 25 July 2003
Photos of Scott's drum-kit
Features on Tribe

The making of Tribe appears to have been a difficult process...
UK PR company announces the release of 'Tribe'; also get a 1.5MB picture of the band
Interview with Geoff
Interview with Michael
Interview with Scott August 2003
Interview with Scott
Interview with Scott
Classic Rock October 2003
Interview with Scott

Classic Rock September 2003 - Kelly Gray, the guitarist who joined Queensryche following the departure of Chris DeGarmo in 1998, has taken a pot-shot at the group, suggesting it's time for a sequel to the band's highly successful 1988 conceptual album 'Operation:Mindcrime'. Gray played on Queensryche's 1999 poorly received 'Q2K' and left the group after the double 'Live Evolution' two years later, prior to the recording of their latest album 'Tribe'.

"In my opinion, a band shouldn't ignore its past". Gray said. "If you know that your fans have been waiting for years for a second 'Operation:Mindcrime', then you can't just ignore that. It was clear that for this reason we had a completely different view on Queensryche's future."

Gray claims he was prevented from playing on 'Tribe' by his own production work - he recently oversaw Nevermore's forthcoming 'Enemies of reality' album - but adds that Queensryche didn't exactly go out of their way to welcome him back.

"I wasn't available at the time they were recording, but no efforts were made to match our schedules," he says. "Also, the temporary return of Chris could do the band a lot of good. But as I've said before: I'm currently producing, so I'm never bored."

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