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Radstock is in South West England


The president, Robert Briggs, was arrested at 11:00am today, 1st April, by special constables, Laurie Flower and Kevin Seagar. He was charged with "making an excessive noise with his collecting bucket". . When cautioned, his reply was "Ordinary People - Amazing Things". (The new Lions slogan.) Robert was collecting for the Cardiac Rehab Unit in Bath and raised over 300.00.

Fortunately, sufficient "bail" was raised and Robert was released shortly after 2:00pm. Robert would like to thank all fellow lions and their wives, who turned up to support him.

This was part of a larger fund raising event, and 8 people in total were arrested.

Various photos below: The final photo showing (from left to right), Laurie Flower, Lora Raey (from HSBC) and Kevin Seagar.

Robert is apprehended

Robert is apprehended by Kevin Seagar whilst fellow lions
look on in amazement!

  Robert is arrested

Robert is arrested!

The cuffs go on

The cuffs go on!
Left to right, Kevin Seagar, Robert Laurie Flower.

  Lora Raey is arrested

Lora Raey is arrested!


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