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Once again the BADDAZINE is here - the FREE 'zine which  brings you the word on all kinds of music and bands which you just won't see in the  mainstream. If it's mad and magnificent  in Reading or London,  it'll be here sometime.  This quarter we interview PHOENIX. And review gigs and records, including BURT, SCATMAN PX and EN-EYE releases. Plus a blast from the past covering a still very much alive band - SONA FARIQ. This quarter's issue is a little slimline owing to the loss of one of our funkiest contributors - resident drum 'n' bass guru Rammish. Following the theft of his best beloved BMX Rammish is taking an extended break from Reading. Good luck to ya mate and may the beat be with you.

Hanuman - Editor

Review by J:
6th January 1999 @ The AlleyCat Live, Reading

SOL - what they don't got : vocal melody lines? Nope… poptastic tunesmithery? Nada… Variety and eclecticism of style? Nyet… What they do got : That loud - quiet - loud - quiet arrangement to almost every song -  a lot like early Pearl Jam.  And  breathy sneering over high delicate guitar arpeggios (that's finger-pickin' to you Jethro) in the quiet bits.  And huge ass-kickin' metal choruses with immense thundering bass and fine, tight guitar chops - Damn straight! Although SOL are clearly well rehearsed and tighter than a gnat's arse, there's still the feeling that these are four guys playing on the same stage, but they're not quite gelling with that fire and chemistry that a great band's gotta have. Still, they got promise...

Question: Where does grunge go now that Kurt's dead and Courtney's  hocked her soul to Hollywood?
Answer: Well, there's the frankly fuckin' fantastic  Foo Fighters and there's Good Me.
Good Me
got heart. Good Me play big phat hairy-assed skunk punk grunge - an enormous pounding juggernaut of sound. Their first song feels like one gorgeous scream. And they just keep laying down song after song. These boys are true 3minute noiseniks. Fuckin'  A!
But, a bust guitar string fucks things up and reduces Good Me to improv' - their guitarist makes a fair stab at fag soaked metal screaming, but everybody, not least the band is gutted that the juggernaut has been halted. But it was great while it lasted.
Good Me - they are! Go see them  - do it now! You think I write this shit for the good of my health?  Get out of the house! LIVE! You have nothing to lose but your upper range of hearing - and who needs that anyway? What, you wanna talk with bats? Who are you? Dr. fuckin' DooLittle?

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