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"The TRUTH - when we get around to it."

The BADDAZINE is back! - the FREE 'zine which brings you the word on all kinds of music and bands which you just won't see in the mainstream. If it's mad and magnificent in Reading or London, it'll be here sometime. This issue has a bit of a bumper retrospective feel to it on account of extreme idleness on the part of our reporters this summer. Maybe we should pay them or something??? Naaah...

This issue we cover live gigs by Saloon, Powys Square, Chocolate Starship, Burt, Caffeine Conspiracy, Superbia, the Scrutineers and from the 2Pure stable the startling Billy Mahoney. Plus reviews of a release by Talic - a compilation including top tracks by Deadly Hunter, the Supreme Beings and Aqua Levi. And a reveiw of a webrelease by Preacher John. And news of other artists stepping up in cyberspace. Plus!!! we're giving you the Readipop '99 CD FREE! - stuck right here on the front of this BADDAZINE.

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Review by J: March 20th 1999 @ The AlleyCat Live, Reading SALOON, CHOCOLATE STARSHIP, BURT and POWIS SQUARE

An event all its own this one - specifically to celebrate the release of a single by each and every one of these four bastions of the Reading massive: ["bastions"? "massive"??? - H]

Saloon kick off in a swirling 60s style - reminiscent of the theme music to those weird coming of age / self discovery movies you can still see on late night Channel 4. Barbarella springs to mind, not quite sure why. The lead vocal reminds me of Sarah Dubstar, and the whole thing is has a female fronted Simon and Art Garfunkel feel... The music moves in endless swirling loops, but the crowd doesn't - move that is.... it's not dance and it's not rock. There's a lightness of touch to Saloon's sound which leaves you feeling they're standing aloof... "Eloise" is a stand out track - spiralling and ethereal, and then there's another track which has that surf beat straight out of Pulp Fiction.
I'm not sure how I feel about Saloon, 'cos this isn't really my bottle of brew and unfortunately they're repeatedly hitting a high C that causes extreme pain in my left ear ever since I was semi-deafened by the little chipmunk girl from Sneaker Pimps singing here back in '94..... So in the interests of balance I ask for someone else's opinion (I must be going soft in my old age or something):
Spikey Mike sez;"If they were a colour they'd be beige." Ah, I think Spikey Mike is an old punk too... Personally, I think Saloon would be more of a shimmering paisley with lots of purple and silver and orange bits. Probably great if you're stoned. So there you go: Saloon, definitely extraordinary and good at what they do, I just can't make up my mind if they're great or if they're pants... Doctor! A bottle of your finest Rhino-bollocks-extract, if you please!.... Gah! Urrrgh... that's better....

Right, next up is Chocolate Starship - just one syllable away from a much stickier name... Chocolate Starship win the waccky gear prize with Pete on keyboards having ditched the daft hat in favour of mad ties and John (stepping in on bass) clearly going to Don King's hairdresser, picture the scene:
"Finger in the light socket, sir? Thaaaat's it, sir."
"Suits you, sir.... something for the weekend, sir?"

'Nway to the music: It starts off with a 21st Century Blues Brothers thang, bass and keys and vox like rolling thunder, this is "Say Yeah" and it's funky as skunk. And the tracks keep on coming strong: "Driftin' " benefits from the gravel in Gavin's voice and "Deeper" is full phat funk - See! there in the crowd! Booty is being shaken! This is music to move ya. Then they lay back into "Time" which slinks along but good. More quality tracks follow and my notes descend into illegibility - so I must have been dancing, which is my duty - as a loyal disciple of Saint Bez. Chocolate Starship - funky as fuck!

Burt take the stage next, on fire with the true spirit of indie - playing unique, eclectic, idiosyncrastic pop. The first track is a 3 and a half minute sermon in off beats that has the crowd up and pogoing - for the first, but not the last time tonight. Russ's vocals come over somewhere betwen Noel Coward and Johnny Rotten - sophisticated aggression. There's definitely the most movement on stage so far, and the audience is jumping too, to the point that my notes are becoming almost completely illegible. High point of Burt's set is definitely their new single "-2A+" (check the review in Baddazine Iss 2) whose shiny spikiness wins over everyone, even the shinysuit-beerbelly-buzzcut wankers who've started to drift in for the disco after the gig.

Powis Square step up to close the gig. Powis Square kick ass. True. Full-on get-yer-scooters-out mod power punk pop, - plus, and this is truly beautiful - a trombone. Bizarre and fabulous! The trombone is an integral part of the sound and the song, not some comedy instrument tacked on for laughs, but reallly there. The second track ("Neon Dust"?) really lets the trombone sing out solo, against a song that rides the offbeat in a ska kinda way. Powis Square follow up with one of those songs that slinks along in the verses and kicks royal arse in the choruses, and my notes are all over the place 'cos the crowd is jumping up and down like a frog on speed. Powis Square are tighter than yo' fat mommas jeans after a hot wash. When their songs end they don't fart away to nothing like some indieschmindie bollocks, nononnono, Powis Square have proper jaw dropping endings, hammered into place by beatmeister Kendall. Powis Square play out with "Yohan Letanda"- their new single. This song brings the lyrical grace of say, the Manic Street Preacher's, into perfect symbiosis with the kind of in-your-face-mod that Blur sometimes pull off. Fan-fuckin'-'tastic.

These bands are way cool. Go! Buy their singles! Go to their gigs! Check out their websites (see later on this issue)! Rub briskly against their pets! Build small candle lit shrines in honour of their freshly washed but still-damp smalls! Send them goldfish, but not in the post!

Whateverthefuck. Just do what you feel.

[lost our shit towards the end there didn't we? - H]

Reveiw by Nostrodamus: 15th May 1999 @ The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading HAZE, CAFFEINE CONSPIRACY and EXHAUST

Riiiight. This is the first of a couple of reviews where I only caught one of the acts on the night, owing to my life being very strange. Apologies to the other bands I missed, especially the excellent Haze who were highly praised in the Baddazine Issue1. This time around I was priveledged to experience Caffeine Conspiracy. These boys got energy like a thermonuclear device, this is big, dumb, utterly unashamed ROCK!!! Glam meets metal (but NO perms and NO spandex, thank christ) in a totally 90s style. Chugging baselines underpin their full on, headbangin' original songs. Caffeine Conspiracy wound the set up with a hardcore cover of little Mickey Jackson's "Billy Jean" !!! The dog's bollocks. In a cool way.

Reveiw by Nostrodamus: 16th July 1999 @ The AlleyCat Live, Reading SIR LORDY SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, someone else and SUPERBIA

So it was like this - I show up to review Sir Lordy Self Righteousness thinking in my naive little brain that this towering monster of rock would be headlining the night.... Wrongwrongwrong. Nope, Sir Lordy (see reveiw of his latest release "Parliament" on Weird City Records in BADDAZINE Issue 2) had opened the show, and by the time I arrived the middle slot band had just finished their set.... But, the totally cute girl on the door let me in on condition I reveiw Superbia. And my word is my bond, so:

Superbia stink. No two ways about it. This is nightmare karaoke of the most bland MOR shite. Their singer comes over as a well scrubbed middle class boy with a bad perm, he's a metal-lite muppet, trying desperately hard to be Aerosmith - or some other shambling dinosaur of overblown raaaaawk - and ending up somewhere between Geddy Lee (from Rush) and Roxette. Superbia steal shamelessly from all the shittest bits of 80s music. Superbia's first three "original" tracks fill us with the flavours of Kylie, Marillion and bloody Toto - for fuck's sake! Excruciating. I scan the audience at this point. The audience divides neatly into three:
1) Superbia's friends/mums/dads (unless it's a coach party of the profoundly deaf) who are just loving them,
2) all the people who came to see the other bands who are muttering things like "absolute crap" and
3) a bunch of people who have come for the disco afterwards who are just stood there in gobsmacked, jaws on-the-floor disbelief that this is actually happening.
I endure a little longer in the interests of fairness, maybe they will get better... Superbia's fourth track rips off New Order and is pretty much bearable - 'cos the singer doesn't sing, this gives room for them to show that the man at the back does a good line in drum machine/decks... And then the fifth track theives from Carter USM.... at this point I peg it for the sanctuary of the upstairs bar where there is strange tango music playing.... Of course I see in the paper a couple of weeks later that them folks out in Ibiza love Superbia (that's man-made drugs for you kids, steer well clear). This means that Superbia will be signed by Sony and their shite will be shrink wrapped for sale in Woolworths - blasting them to Number 1 for 14 weeks and sparking a NewWaveofArse which will dominate the charts for the first decade of the new millenium.
You have been warned. The Beast will rot your mind with his dull MOR cobblers and the four riders of the Arselypse willl ride forth: Dullness, Boredom, Fartycrappness and EARACHE, and they shall blight the land in their passing. Heed ye...

[Right - that's enough of that cod Revelations rubbish, it's getting old real fast - H]

Quick Review by J: 14th October @ Bar Oz, Reading - UPPER TIER

Upper Tier's lead singer looks like Bez from The Mondays. Upper Tier are a little bit punk and and a little bit sharp. Think the Clash, and think Blur and you're getting there. Well worth checking out. I hear they gig in London a fair bit too.

Review by The Rev. Doctor One-Black-Hat: 22nd October 1999 @ The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading - LAZERGUIDED, SALOON and BILLY MAHONEY

Sloped in late to this one, missing Lazerguided altogether and came in at the end of Saloon's set [see review March 20th, by J, above - H] but got into a packed venue in time for the main event: Billy Mahoney - these guys are signed to 2Pure records and they are something else. Live drum n' bass - no vocals, no muss no fuss, just knock-u-dead constantly evolving instrumental beats and loops growing and building. And it's being produced by four guys with two guitars, bass and a drumkit. No DATS, no decks, no samplers. Awesome. And topping it off, just as you're starting to see a loop coming around again for the nth time and you're thinking "oh, yeah, they're gonna do this for like 5 minutes now" - wrong! It's at that exact moment they haul on the handbrake and screech into a 90 degree turn and BAM! th' music is somewhere else altogether. A1. U must C 2 believe Billy Mahoney.

Billy Mahoney quote of the night: "This place is so much better than the AlleyCat - it's warmer and there's more people too."

Review by J: 23rd October @ The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading - FREESTYLE featuring CHICO MAN and DESDEMONA

Now Freestyle tends to focus on deckmeisters and loop gurus like the Sonic Catering Band, Eneye, and Dark Angel, but occasionally they feature live bands... like tonite. Chico Man good, livewire + high energy or so i am assured by reliable sources. DOH! I'm late again.

[If you were actually paid anything for this, we'd sack you, you idle bastard - H].

Desdemona play a sweet line in music that screams late 60s retro cool - updated to the 90s - tight drumming, gorgeous guitar rifforama and ultra cool deadpan lyricism (especialy in the last track). Desdemona are playing in the same space the Jam would be at right now if:
1) the Jam had been fronted by two girls
2) the Jam hadn't split
3) they hadn't aged a day since 1976
OK so I'm stretching a comparison here, but you get the gist. Desdemona - O the lo the more!

[Chriiiiist - crappy puns on Shakespeare is it now? - you are FIRED FIRED FIRED!!!!! - you hear me J!?! get your hairy old rocker's arse and your crap facial hair and your bullshit out of my building - NOW!!! -H]

Review by WILDBOY: 27th October @ The Purple Turtle, Camden, London - ACOUSTIC ZOO featuring the SCRUTINEERS

The Acoustic Zoo is a regular !free! Wednesday night spot here at the Camden Turtle (turn right out of Mornington Crescent tube about 80 yards and it's opposite the Camden Palace and the Hope and Anchor) run by one Ben Mitchell, who is no mean shakes at the singer/songwriter thing himself. Here all kinds of solo acoustic artists like London's Homeboy and Reading's Preacher John turn up to play a slot. But I'm not here to review them tonight, I'm here to check out the Scrutineers - a cheeky 3 piece who've turned up to this acoustic session complete with bass player and a drummer who has one of those electronic pad things that go ping! poOing! and ba dum ddum poOow! They all wear very loud Hawaian shirts and their first track is the theme tune to the as yet undiscovered Tarantino movie "I wanna be a Cowboy" it slinks along with a surf guitar feel and is generally as cool as fcuk. The Scrutineers get all melancholy with their second track, but still don't lose their lightness of touch. Top tunes. Catch 'em if you can at the Underworld (opposite Camden Tube) on Friday 26th November.


Burt's all singing, all dancing web page, complete with animated doobries - check it out at: http://www.burt-info.demon.co.uk

Do you recall the reveiw of the CD "Aleph" by electronic knob tweaker EnEye? in issue2 of the BADDAZINE? no? then go read the review online! at http://www.idris.freewire.co.uk - and while you're at it, check out EnEye's music page at http://www.mp3.com/eneye where you can download the mp3 track "italy" from "Aleph" .

PreacherJohn is metastasing over the web like a cancer, here's three sites which carry his music as free downloadable mp3s, you can even buy CDs at the mp3.com site...
oh, and we found Preacher John's homepages on Channel Idris at: http://www.idris.freewire.co.uk

If you like your music a little cool, a little dark, and with a slinky groove, check out Blinder from Northern Ireland at:

If you visit http://www.mp3.com/PreacherJohn you'll also find links to other cool pages including these sites:

http://www.mp3.com/gag1 - Gag1 is Weird City's remix meister - his page includes a remix of "Zippo" a track from HYSTERIAMECHANICAL, the album by now defunct Reading jazzpunkweirdcore band Broken Brow... Both "Zippo" and the remix "ZippoHell" include gorgeous guest vocals by Helen Anderson, ex of the glorious Riser.

Broken Brow are archived at:
http://www.mp3.com/BrokenBrow, where you can still buy the album, and their tour diary is archived on:

And Mr Rock n'Roll himself, Sir Lordy Self Righteousness has his music, including the kickass "Bring Down Parliament" at: http://www.mp3.com/artists/28/sir_lordy_self_righteousne.html

An' if you feel the urge to strike out on your own and explore, you could do a lot worse than start at the top pages of http://www.mp3.com or http://www.besonic.com ....

So... GO!!! see! hear! smell! enjoy!


Here we review the latest smart releases which haven't received the benefit of a 200,000 pound mega media marketing campaign...

Reveiw by The Rev. Doctor One-Black-Hat
Released: Aug. '99
on: Talic = own label
distribution: try 0118 9390913
artists: Deadly Hunter, Louie G, Aqua Livi,
Junior, Mene Man,
Bazmatic Brothers featuring Edva,
The Supreme Beings, As Is,
10yr Journey featuring Bird,
Explosion, Blue featuring Izzi,
Coleridge and Ian Davenport,
Meet&Voski, Funk Assembly,
Marilyn Medford, Sisserou
title: Talic - Talented Artists Lead
International Call

A whole swathe of folks have come together to put together Talic - which is a top CD compilation showcasing 16 artists from Reading who make music of black origin. Which means hip-hop, ragga, reggae, soul, Rn'B, funk, dn'b, and the rest make it onto this frankly fan-fuckin'-tastic CD. This was a FREE compilation - I snagged mine at Reading Carnival... Which probably means some of you out there may already have it kicking around somewhere and not have got around to playing it... in which case - PUT IT ON NOW!!!! an' shame on you for not checking it before... if you haven't got it, and you can't find a mate who has, then you can try the info line 0118 9390913, or check out the artist's individual releases and gigs (The Supreme Beings have some vinyl out soon, if not already), finally there is a promise on the sleeve notes that this CD is the first of a series - so watch out for the next one...
And the next time some fool tells you nothing ever happens in Reading you can play it to them....

I wanted to reveiw every track, on account of this being about the best CD I ever got my hands on, but we're pushed for space, so here's three, just to give you an idea of what Talic is about:

Track 1: DEADLY HUNTER - "C.I.D" ...kicks off Talic in a big, big, massive ragga stylee. The bassbeat is poundin' and pulsing, with a skanking guitar loop in the chorus and sirens going off all over the place. A great big slab of a tune. Deadly lays down the lyrics, telling it how it is - advising a body swerve from the C.I.D. A full-on rude boy track, that blows it up every time. You have to play it twice, every time, that's how good this is.

Track 3: AQUA LIVI - "Where is Life" An uplifting and spiritual tune from reggae master Aqua Livi, "Where is Life" is one of those songs that you instantly know, beacause it reaches down to you from that one true place where all great music starts and just flows out through the band... This is a beautiful track. If you turned the sweet sunshine of a summer morning into music, this is what it would sound like. If your life has been grey and dismal lately the Rev. Dr One-Black-Hat would like to take this opportunity to prescribe regular doses of Aqua Livi to lift you up and put joy and peace back into your heart.

Track 7: THE SUPREME BEINGS - "Twilight Zonin'" This is the real deal - fully conscious old skool hip-hop. A truly class track with every lyric ringing out true and comin' at ya over long slow bassheavy loops. This is the definition of Hip-Hop, beats and lyrics perfectly entwined - ultra-cool, like smoke from the best' leaf and with a sharp intelligence that cuts through all the bullshit. The closest in flava I can think of are Jurassic 5 ("Concrete Skoolyard") and Mos' Def ("Mathematics"), but truth be told, The Supreme Beings need no comparison - all they need is to get out there on the world stage and then The Supreme Beings will be the standard everyone else will be chasing. Pure gold.

Now, here's the BADDAZINE's first ever review of an album, and to commemorate this we have two reviews by two different folks - to provide perspective... Oh, and one's a bit shorter, if you're in a rush....
The album in question is a "webrelease". It's called "Voices You Can't Hear" and it has just been released by Preacher John on his own label - Sodium - with distribution through www.mp3.com/PreacherJohn. So you can buy it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a credit card. We even ran a test and bought one over the net, it got delivered within two weeks (we chose slow mail) and it was fine, plus no-one managed to rip off the credit card we ordered it with, so it all seems to work. Cool, eh?

Reveiw by Ging:
Released: Aug. '99
on: Sodium
distribution: www.mp3.com/PreacherJohn
artist: Preacher John
title: Voices You Can't Hear

This 13 track CD, put together in just 48hrs is written and performed by just one man, Preacher John. All tracks are performed on acoustic guitar, so you could class this as an acoustic album, but with a difference! The music style ranges between the slow, sweet sound of "Yesterday" [this track is also on Readipop '99, see above - H] - to high points on the album like the punky sound of "Don't Got No" , the melodic "Come a Long Way Baby" which drives you through the album, and the blues sound that Preacher John manages in "I'm Not". Although the sound can be a bit thin at times (possibly due to the quick recording), this album has a certain flair, namely the vocal talents of Precaher John himself. His vocals stretch from a screaming yell, to a low soulful soft song.
This is an album for the people who like a different sound than the rock/pop scene. I liked it.

Review by Prog:
Voices You Can't Hear - by PREACHER JOHN

Preacher John is one of those voices that ought to be heard. A guitarist and songwriter of no mean accomplishment, his true avocation is as a poet. This album is a collection of some of his strongest work.

Coming across like the bastard love-child of an illicit relationship between David Byrne and Chris Izaak, he ranges from the utterly shambolic scream-punk of "Don't Got No" (which with the drums by Nick Bridge-Butler being played in the monkeys-at-typewriters technique, not so much staggers as slides along on its nose like a drunk at Hogmanay) to the haunting harmonies of the delicate and fragile of "Yesterday", taking in a bizarre collection of styles in between. Kind of surprising, that variety, when you take into account the strictly limited format of "one man and his guitar" - there are a few variations to this, like when he duets with himself on "Addiction" - but don't expect much polish on this collection. This is raw, inyerface, standupandoit performance art. Okay, there's one or two numbers where you can almost hear the orchestral backing and angelic choir behind them (one would almost be tempted to refer to "Forever" as anthemic, but don't say that in front of him whatever you do).

Anyway, the music's one thing (and he has his own particular style that once you've heard it you remember it, and it sort of grows on you) - the poetry's something else. Love, regret, politics (you know, the anarchist kind, a la Proudhon), drugs, homelessness, the lot. You sense that the poetry comes first, and the guitar and the tune is just a convenient way of putting it across. Subtle it rarely is - after all, it has been remarked that poetry is using a hammer to nail ideas into people's heads - and once you've heard the somewhat Talking Heads-ish "Wake Up" (where he snatches a quote from 1984, bless 'im) you kinda get the idea what to expect.

Now look, this is not an easy listen. Not even the harmonies; there's a broken-glass fragility to the chords he plays, and at times his voice sounds equally delicate, but don't be fooled, this man busks with the best of them (and if you were lucky enough to be there, you'd have caught him seriously distracting the crowds outside Reading Rock '99, and that was no easy gig I can tell you). His vocal range is impressive, and although you can detect a certain amount of strain to get to the high notes on "Come a long way, baby" (one of his few "cheerful" numbers), there's a lot of power and volume there.

So how to sum up? Let the man speak for himself:

"Don't pour your water on my wine
Drink me neat, or not at all
Swallow me down deep inside
While I intoxicate you
'Cos I'm not what you want
And I'm not what you need
'Cos I'm not good for you
And you may get a taste for me
And I would be your habit."
(from "I'm Not")

Get a sweet addiction.


Your Starse into the next century
by Anal R. Tention

Capricorn - You will be plagued by shedding hair and door to door salesmen trying to shift ginger pubic wigs.
Aries - You will miss the Apocalypse after a heavy night out on the alternative comestibles and will wander about vaguely like a lobotomised sheep. So no change there then.
Aquarius - You will freeze out someone special to you, who you believe is about to make an unwanted lunge for your private bits... In fact this friend has no such designs on you, lovely as you are - so give 'em a hug for chrissakes!
Virgo - You will continue to fly in the face of romance and love against the odds in favour of someone suitable that your parents will like. Bah.
Libra - You will face this millenium as you faced the last - totally monged.
Sagittarius - You will ask yourself "is this my beautiful house? is this my beautiful car?" the answer will be: "No, now get off my property!" Go into estate agency, you're just the type.
Taurus - You will enter the new Millenium on a cloud... of methane that is... avoid prunes and figgy puuding, you great parping, farting get ye!
Cancer - You will be plagued by lots of people throwing wads of money at you, you spawny b******!
Scorpio - You will contimue to be magnetic, sultry and mysterious, but no-one will notice, because in the 21st century we will all be made of aluminium and have the attention span of a gnat.
Gemini - You will be twinned with Dusseldorf.
Pisces - You will be plagued by visions of confined
quarters with metallic walls, these are in fact shamanic visions of your former life... as a sardine.
Vengaboys - You will suffer a fatal accident, where you will all drown in an immense vat of putrid crap. And as the last light fades from your eyes you will realise that this is what is was like for everyone who had to listen to your "music".
Steps - You will suffer a total collapse of record sales as enlightenment dawns on the human race - and everyone will simutaneously realise what a talentless bunch of plastic fools you really are. You will lose all your money in dodgy timeshare beard investments and be forced to bedbath Vanessa Feltz with your tongues for the rest of your miserable lives.
Thecartoons - You will all be approached by total strangers in the street who will give you a right good slapping everyday. So, you will turn to science to alter your appearance. You will suffer a freak accident which will mean that you can never die, but you shall be miraculously rendered microscopically small and you will be forced to live in Noel Edmund's arse for all eternity.

Broken Brow - 7" single "Vagrant" 1.50
Broken Brow - CD album "Hysteriamechanical" 8
Broken Brow - Tour Diary '97 5.50
Preacher John - 3 track tapes "Your Patron Sinner" "Drink Deep" & "VoicesYou can't Hear" 1.50 each
Preacher John - CD EP "Your Patron Sinner" 6
all prices include postage + packing
orders with cheques payable to Sodium Productions at 30, Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST
or go to

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