Army of Pygmies official Gigography!
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Army of Pygmies first formed Nov. 2002
Gigs played in first line up-with Jay Field on guitar:
Thurs. 27th Feb. '03 3Bs bar, Reading
Sun. 20th April '03 Colorz bar, Reading

on 23rd. April '03 Preacher John went off round the world with his guitar, returning from Mexico on 22nd. April '04 to put the band back together!
Jay moved on to form his own band -Dubious Jones. And Nick joined Army of Pygmies!

Gigs played with Nick on guitar:
Sat. 18th Sept. '04 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading
Sat. 23rd Oct. '04 3Bs bar, Reading
Thurs. 4th Nov. '04 Colorz bar, Reading
Thurs. 17th Feb. '05 Rising Sun pub, Reading
Sat. 19th Feb. '05 3Bs bar, Reading
Tues. 26th April '05 Purple Turtle bar, Reading
Thurs. 9th June '05 Colorz bar, Reading
Sat. 25th June '05 3Bs bar, Reading
Thurs. 14th July '05 Colorz bar, Reading
Sun. 24th July '05 Pavlov's Dog pub, Reading
Sat 1st Oct '05 3Bs bar, Reading

In the summer of '05 Dan joined Army of Pygmies, so now the band is a five-piece with two guitarists!

Gigs played with Nick AND Dan on guitars:
Mon. 14th Nov. '05 Poo Na Na bar, Reading
Tues. 6th Dec. '05 Purple Turtle bar, Reading
Sat. 18th Feb. '06 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading
Sat. 25th Feb. '06 3Bs bar, Reading
Weds. 15th March '06 Purple Turtle bar, Reading
Sat. 17th June. '06 3Bs bar, Reading
Fri. 30th June. '06 Rising Sun pub, Reading
Weds. 2nd Aug. '06 Purple Turtle bar, Reading

In Nov. '06 Preacher John left the band...

Some of Army of Pygmies Press:

BBC - Berkshire - Entertainment

Thurs. 9th June '05

'Army Of Pygmies' Preacher John sets the trend.. jumping around the stage in perfect timing to the band's angry punk.. pretty and shapely drummer Katie.. bashes those snares like they're in for a gruelling punishment.
With a heavy bass warmly punctuating each line, there is a distinct dancey element to the Pygmies' punchy music; no wonder Preacher John can't control his feet. He sounds like Talking Heads era David Byrne shouting over a hive of angry hornets, clearly having something to say with lyrics including the classic: "TV is the mogadon of the masses".. Army Of Pygmies.. pull off a cracking show.'