What you need to know about the LGM Pilot


The guys learn that Byers' father died in a car crash.  They become suspicious that it was not an accident.  Investigation reveals traces of a US government war game scenario on his computer.  

Frohike and Byers go to the scrapyard to investigate the remains of Byers' father's car and find a strange device attached to the engine.  They take it back to examine and discover it is essentially a remote control which would allow something to control the car from a distance. 

Langly and Kimmy-the-geek hack into the DOD computer system to recover the full file but are detected.  Byers wants to continue the download but the others think it's too dangerous and eventually Frohike yanks the plug.

The next scene states the time as 5:48AM, the guys apparently having been up all night.

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