'Missing' scenes, post-ep musings and follow ups. 

I seem to have ended up with rather a lot of these (most in various stages of completion on my hard drive).  Maybe it's because of all those X-Files eps where the guys were in it for five minutes and I always wondered what they were doing the rest of the time.  Or maybe it's the fast paced story telling in both XF and LGM means a lot of stuff is skipped over pretty quick, also leaving me wondering about the bits in between.

Anyway, my memory is shockingly bad so in case anyone else's is as well, I'll do a 'What you need to know' recap for the stories in this section.  Hopefully it'll also be helpful for those LGM fans out there who didn't start out as XF fans and haven't seen some of the eps I'm referring back to.  These aren't complete episode summaries, just the bits relevant to the story.

Listed by episode title...

XF: This Is Not Happening / Dead Alive

What you need to know

We've Been Here Before
Scully comes to break the news of Mulder's death.
Content: Gen, Angsty, PG for a bit of swearing.
Part 1: Langly POV
Part 2: Frohike POV
Part 3: Byers POV


XF: Existence

What you need to know

Bye Baby Bunting
The guys are buying baby presents for Scully.
Content: Gen, Humour.
The Story


XF: Provenance / Providence

What you need to know

Placing Trust
Missing scenes, because oooohh how much Reyes' nasty little remark bugged me.
Content: Gen.  Angsty but with a happy ending.
The Story

LGM: Pilot

What you need to know

All Nighter
What happened between them finding the remote control gadget and the following morning.
Content: Gen.
The Story


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