Never Simple
By Leia Fee

He tried to remember who had talked him into this.  Murdock, most likely--he was still grinning at the mess in front of them as though it was the next great masterpiece of modern art.

Face stared at it.  The picture in the catalogue had lied.  He clearly remembered the smiling couple, two kids and the family dog in the advert, all standing proudly in front of a immaculate and palatial tent.

Their tent did not look like that.  It looked as though it might have, once.  Perhaps if it had been set up by the smiling group from the advert and then dropped from several hundred feet.

Murdock picked up a tangled guy rope in each hand and gave them a flick.


The nylon fly-sheet fluttered gently in the breeze.

"I think it's broken, Face."

Face sighed.  "I knew we should have waited for B.A. to get back.  Whose idea was a camping trip anyway?"

"Hannibal's," Murdock answered promptly.

"Who, of course, is busy getting the groceries in when it comes to putting up the tent."  Face shook his head in resignation.  "Okay, hand me those instructions again."

Murdock flattened out the colourful leaflet, which he'd folded into a complicated paper plane, and handed it to Face. 

Emblazoned across the front of it were the words Easy to Erect!


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