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I'm unashamedly biased and my fic tends to the Murdock-centric.

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Battery Not Included - Missing scene post-ep for The Island--I'll teach them to nick Murdock's aeroplane battery ;-)
 Contrails Murdock in a thoughtful mood.
Escapism -
Response to the "Characters Favourites" challenge/exercise on the ATSB2.  Set around and after the end of the episode Bounty (mostly because I wondered what book Murdock was reading.)
Flying Blind -A sort of internal running commentary from Murdock during Beast from the Belly of a Boeing
Front Door Tactics - Response to the "Write a 'through the front door' mission from B.A's POV" challenge on the A-Team Story Board.
Lady Love - Response to the Blatant Mary Sue Challenge on the A-Team Story Board.
Lady Landing - And another in a similar vein.
Long Story - At the end of _Bounty_ Murdock tries to answer Kelly's question of "What are you doing here?" 
Never Simple - Response to the "He Tried to Remember" Challenge on the A-Team Story Board.
Snow Games -Written because I was horribly frustrated that the weather here is nastily cold without even any snow to play in.
Sunshine and Jetfuel - Response to the "Melting Hot" challenge on the ATSB2.  Murdock has a birthday day out but Face isn't having as much fun.
Things You Remember - After rewatching A Nice Place To Visit and the team's tributes to their friend Ray Brenner, I wondered what he might say of them if the situations were reversed.  Hence this.
Up There  -Another rambling Murdock POV.  On flying and friendship.
Open Season - Trouble at Thanskgiving.
Guiding Light - Response to a challenge on the A-Team Storyboard to write a fic based on a Christmas carol.

On This Day - Written for the A-Team 21st Anniversary celebrations.  A post series get-together.

Pre-Series Stories

Vietnam Era
 After The Fall - Vietnam is a bad place to decide you don't like flying.
Emergency Landing -A few moments of a trip gone wrong.  Murdock POV.
First Impressions -A dangerous mission and the team have a new pilot.
Long Weekend - Murdock is missing on a mission and all the team can do is wait.
Reflections in the Rain -
Face and Murdock wait out a wet night and bad dreams.  (Mixed present/flashback)
Sound and Fury -  In the POW camp, Murdock is more concerned with what's going on overhead than on the ground.

"10 Years Ago..." - stories set around the time of the team's trial and escape.
Holding On To The Sky
- Early days at the V.A.
I.F.R. - Reality can be a tenuous thing.  Murdock POV.

Earlier still
First Things - a very young Murdock seeks out an old hand to talk about flying.
Solo - Some moments define you for the rest of your life.


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