Dunk.............Dunk.............Oh well there's always next week - Tales from the circuit.
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Kev "Little Kev" Sayers

Top bloke and before you ask no he isn't wearing lipstick

Paul Wheatley

Paul smiley Wheatley, as Amanda refers to him. Don't go drinking with this man!

Nathan "Splitter" Reeve

Nathan "Splitter - you'd do better with a Daystate" Reeve, say no more.

Alan "Stud Muffin" Reeve

Alan the stud muffin Reeve as he's now affectionately called, due to his lack of clothes at the last two Grand Prix's of 2003.

Andy Calpin

Just so you're aware he doesn't normally look like this, it's much worse.

Cliffy Church

What can I say about Cliffy........hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm nice pic


Keith "Monty" Montague

Top geeza Monty, always there when you need convincing you need a new gun.

Stu Hancox

Affectionately known as the laughing cuckkaborough, if you need to ask why just visit an FT shoot!

Sylvia Williams

Proof if ever it was needed it's not a male dominated sport.

Trev Ryan

If ever you're on a downer five minutes with Trev'll soon sort you out. Oh and he can shoot a bit too.