Because of our members, we can advise and represent the majority of Derby cyclists. Planners do listen to what we have to say....

Members receive:

Godfrey Meynell – Organic Farm Produce. 10% off your bill when arriving by cycle Map. Tel:01332 824815


Membership costs £4 for three years (which saves on admin), or £2 for a year if you are not sure. Family membership is £3 per year, or £6 for three years.


A donation to help fund our activities is always appreciated - if you can afford it. The DCG Map has now sold out, but the Council have a map of the city showing cycle routes freely available. This can often be found in tourist information centres and libraries.

If you can help with the work, please join the Derby Cycling Group. If you have a cycling issue we can provide advice and put you in touch with members nearby.




Even new cyclists know a pothole when they see one; and that is our problem there are hundreds of miles of cycle paths/roads and we only see a fraction of them so join us and become our eyes. Of course there are members who can support the campaign with their knowledge and skills. But mainly these members learnt their craft as they went along. In a couple of years any member will find it natural to be doing some of the following, to a cyclist it comes as normal as breathing.

· Keep their eyes open and tell us when development poses threats or opportunities for cycling.

· Let us know about maintenance problems they encounter on their daily travels.

· Work sharing, some represent us in other local campaigns.

· Once or twice a year, we check cycles for people less able than ourselves.

· Amazingly enjoyable, talk to people about the health and environmental benefits of cycling on a DCG stall.


DCG was formed in 1979 to campaign for safe and convenient cycle routes in Derby. Facilities for cyclists are needed everywhere, and we are working to get pro-cycling policies applied in practice.

More than ever we need our members, these are our muscle with the council, without you we could not act in the meetings or request information, so do join us.


This post fixing seen on the left is a hazard. It is on the R6 under the bridge at Chellaston. Even with a sympathetic council it can take years to get such hazards removed. This one has been on the cards for eight years.

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