Changing images by using disolve
(Internet Explorer only)

Eddie Jackson
Geoff Tate
Scott Rockenfield
Michael Wilton
Chris DeGarmo

The transition effect used in the code (listed below) is 12. Change this to other numbers to see the different ways the image can change. This code will work in Netscape, but all the user sees is the picture changing, not the effect. This will work with images which are a different size, but the effects on the placing of rest of the elements on the page are unpredictable.

The code for this effect is :-
<!-- Put the code below in the <head> section. -->
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var RunningIE4 = (msieversion() >=4);

function msieversion() {
var ua = window.navigator.userAgent
var msie = ua.indexOf ( "MSIE " )
if ( msie > 0 ) // is Microsoft Internet Explorer; return version number
return parseInt ( ua.substring ( msie+5, ua.indexOf ( ".", msie ) ) )
return 0 // is other browser

if (RunningIE4) {
changePic = dissolvePix
} else {
changePic = switchPic}

function switchPic(picObj, newSrc) {
picObj.src = newSrc}

function dissolvePix(picObj, imgfile){
// This is for IE4 or later, and dissolves the images together using a visual filter.
picObj.src = imgfile
} // end of function

To provide a link for the user to click, to change the image, do something like :-
<A HREF="javascript:changePic(document.images['image1'], 'brgeoff.jpg')">Geoff Tate</A>