The Warning
Rage for order
Promised land
Hear in the now frontier

Podcast interview with Geoff from Headbangers Blog covering the new album "American Soldier"
Pictures from Glasgow, 13 June 2008
Queensryche - UK tour June 2008
Queensryche - UK Tour June 2008
Ticket for Glasgow June 2008, and the cancelled shows in 2007 (with Thin Lizzy) for Aberdeen and Glasgow.
The Best of Queensryche - Sign of the times
Released 28 August 2007
Disc 1:-
1. Queen Of The Reich
2. Warning
3. Walk In The Shadows
4. Take Hold Of The Flame
5. The Lady Wore Black
6. I Don't Believe In Love
7. Eyes Of A Stranger
8. Silent Lucidity
9. Bridge
10. Jet City Woman
11. Another Rainy Night
12. Sign Of The Times
13. I Am I
14. Real World
15. Some People Fly
16. Until There Was You
17. All the promises
Disc 2 :-
1. Take Hold Of The Flame (Myth demo)
2. Walk In The Shadows (Myth demo)
3. Before The Storm (Myth demo)
4. Waiting For The Kill ("Warning" demo)
5. No Sanctuary ("Warning" demo)
6. Prophecy ("Warning" demo)
7. I Dream In Infrared (1991 acoustic remix)
8. Dirty Lil Secret ("I am I" CD single b-side)
9. Last Time In Paris ("Adventures of Ford Fairlaine" soundtrack)
10. Scarborough Fair ("Empire" single b-side)
11. Della Brown (MTV Unplugged 27 April 1992)
12. Someone Else? (full band version)
13. Silent Lucidity ("Bridge" CD single b-side)
14. Chasing Blue Sky
15. Justified (Brand new song!)
The sleeve is here 142kb. I'm not a fan of compilation albums, but I do see some merit in disc 2. Quite looking forward to hearing the song "Justified", and the Myth demos, but that's about it. There's not much else I can say about this, and it probably won't merit a page of its own when I do get it.

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