Open a new window

<A HREF=","windowName","listOfAttributes")">New window</A>

windowName can obviously be anything you want.
listOfAttributes lists the attributes you want the new window to have ie size, postion, scrollbars etc. An example is,"smallTxtWindow","menu=no,status=no,width=400,height=300,scrollbars=yes,left=50");
See this demonstrated on the jokes page. This page includes the following functions, which are called when the link is clicked.

function openWinTxt(txt) {
} // end openWinTxt

function openWinPics(pic,picWidth,picHeight) {
} // end openWinPics

The reason I decided to use new windows to display these pictures/pages is because I didn't want to make the user continually click back or look for the go back to link. Also, there is mostly just one small file for them to see, it was not really worth creating full pages for them. The pictures are displayed in a specifically sized window. Note the different settings for scrollbars and left.