Style sheet properties - Color and background properties

color: color: red
color: #FFOOOO
color: rgb(255,0,0)
background-attachment: background-attachment: fixed
background-color: background-color: green (will only change the colour of the element it is applied to)
background-color: #00FF00
background-color: rgb(0,255,0)
background-image: background-image: url(myimage.gif)
background-position: background-position: center left
background-position: 25% 75%
background-repeat: background-repeat: no-repeat (values: repeat, repeat-y)
background-repeat: repeat-x
background: background: silver url(myimage.gif) no-repeat
background: url(myimage.gif) no-repeat fixed center

Example - use an image to create a water-mark effect :-
BODY{background: url(image/imageName.gif) center no-repeat fixed}

I have tried this effect on this page, with limited success. Netscape v4.75 hates the above example. When trying to use each property individually, I found that it ignores the background-position property. It works in IE, though.