Style sheet properties - Positioning properties

clip: clip: rect(25px, 100px, 100px, 25px)
height: height: 2.5in
height: 5em
height: 75%
left: left: 25px
left: lem
left: 25%
overflow: overflow: clip
overflow: scroll
position: position: absolute
position relative
top: top: 50px
top: 2em
top: 10%
visibility: visibility: hidden
visibility: visible
visibility: inherit
width: width: 4in
width: 10em
width: 150px
width: 50%
this controls the priority of overlapping tags the higher the z-index, the higher priority if z-index is the same, the last one loaded is given priority
z-index: 2
z-index: 0
z-index: -1