Don't Got No      by Preacher John - 27/11/01
written after a shit day at work and a shit month of stress, strife and slaving....

don't got no tiiiiiiime
'cos i sold it all away
to the man with the money
soooooooooo i could watch TeeVEEE

an' i don't know i don't know
where am i gonna go
on my three days of holiday
that i earned this whole damn year

don't got no patience
'cos i gotta take shit all day
an' i wanna killkillKIIIIIILLLL
'til the screamin' goes away

an' i don't know i don't know
when am i gonna blow
beat my head against the wall
i can't take it any more

don't got no love
'cos i sold her yesterday
for a bottle
so i could drink my life away

an' i don't know i don't know
what am i gonna do
doesn't matter if it rains
gonna drown anyway

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