A Few Poems:
Name of a Name . . Ganja
Monkey Shines . . I Was A
Transmission . . Dangerous Curves
Work Consume Deny
Exorcism - or Satan Says (see also video below right)
Fuck It . . Fume - haiku for taggers
Fear . . Freedom

More poems in my book, for sale here:
FNORD!- a Double Collection of poetry by Preacher John
.. includes both books "The Thoughts of Preacher John" & "So Mote It Be" ..

Plus more Poems in Video: on my YouTube channel

Song Lyrics:
Wake Up
Best Unsaid
Big Assed Goddess
Don't Got No
Wouldn't Live Down to Me
Who Thought We'd Live This Long
- a poem that later became a song...

just a handful of songs up here so far,
more to come.. sometime!

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