Excorcism - or - Satan Says   - by Preacher John

Have I got a deal for you!
Buy a washing machine 'cos it'll save you time
It won't cost you much, just 9.99
A week
Buy a big TV to entertain
It won't cost you much just twenty pounds again
A month
Buy a great big car so you can speed to the edge
It won't cost you much
Just another wedge
A fortnight
Buy a mobile phone to talk to everyone you don't have time to see
Buy a video to watch your TV
Buy a fridge freezer
Buy a 3-piece suite
Buy a french polished dining table
Buy a 36 piece dinner set
Buy a Dreamcast an' a Playstation
An'a ansafone, an'a hifi, an'a midi system, an'a portable ghetto blaster, an'a mp3 player, an' 12 different kinds of everything to wear an'a great big fuckin' house with a big fuckin' burglar alarm on it to put 'em all in
An' it won't cost you much
Just 40 years of working at jobs you hate
40 years of sitting in front of a computer screen or hunched over a factory line, never breathing fresh air or standing up straight or walking out in the wilds and losin' your muscle tone and your posture and your health and all your dreams
            of a
and extraordinary

Why do you think they're called posessions anyway?

It's a deal
It's a steal
It's the soul of the fuckin' century
It's the sale of the fuckin' cemetery

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