"BADDABOOM, BADDABING"  No. 1 - Dec. '98
  "The TRUTH - when we get around to it."

Review by J:
Reading Hunt Saboteurs Benefit Gig
18th November @ The After Dark, London St.

Featuring the mighty sounds of GOLDBLADE
supported by THE DO VALS and GLUEBALL

Missed the DoVals set, so I can't tell you what they
were like... Glueball are punk, music to vomit to, music
to be beaten up by. The first three tracks of Glueball's
set are one big writhing, twisting puke of fury. The lead
vocalist has a mohican, FUCK OFF written on his
chest in red and a kilt so he can flash his arse and
knob at the audience. The guitarist is Tim, ex- of veteran
punks DF118 , his dreads are piled up under a mad hat
and he's tattooed and pierced everywhere... you get the
picture, right? Halfway through the set, around a track
called "Fuck" you suss that the band is really playing
- it's not just an incoherent noise, it's built. But the
frontman swears blind he just makes the lyrics up as
he goes along. Glueball finish with "Halfwits"
chorus: "we're halfwits, we're thick as shit". This is real
punk, it's a big, vicious, bloody noise. Unsanitised,
unsafe and unsane.

For a few minutes the electrics to the stage go down
and it looks like Goldblade might have to shift all their
gear out of the freezing darkness of the main room
and do an acoustic set in the bar.... But it gets sorted
and Goldblade storm the stage in a riot of sharp suits,
gold lame, crepe soles and mad spangles. They
blast out the soulpower and crack everything wide open,
people are dancing right from the off. Brother John and
Brother Wayne climb the speaker stacks and leap into
the crowd, still singing. Goldblade raise the crowd up
by sheer energy and might of riff 'n' chorus 'n' rythmn.
And heart. These boys got heart. They believe in the
music, they believe in soulpower and they're pouring
it out. Whether the song starts off slow,
("Sweet Soulpower") or jumps right in,
("Strictly Hardcore") it's always a full-on, kick-ass,
rock-out, funk frenzy. "16 Tons of Righteousness" and
the encores: "Not Even Jesus" and "Hail the People" are
brilliant and blistering. Go, see Goldblade, they are the
now and the future of rock and roll.

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