Noake's Worcestershire Page 238

238 KYRE.

is also frequently called Kyre Magna, to distinguish it from Kyre Parva, or Little Kyre, a township of the adjoining parish of Stoke Bliss. Broken and undulating outlines distinguish the landscape, the brook sparkles here and there, and tufts of lofty trees produce a most picturesque effect. Kyre Park, for the establishment of which the royal charter is still extant {temp. Edward II), contains magnificent beeches and most venerable oaks, the latter believed to be coeval with the formation of the park. There are other groves of younger but remarkably fine oaks; also a lake of thirteen acres, and smaller pools occupying altogether about the same area. The grounds were laid out by the celebrated "Capability Brown," of whose style it is probably one of the best examples. The house is a plain but commodious residence, now occupied by Prescott Decie, Esq., while a mansion is being built for him in Bockleton parish. W. L. Childe, Esq., of Kinlet Hall, Shropshire, is the owner of Kyre House and Park, besides which he is the proprietor of all the land in the parish (1,620 acres), except the glebe, about 40 acres, and one farm of 107 acres belonging to Mr. John Patrick.

Population of the parish, 152. Soil chiefly clay, very good in the lower parts but inferior in the higher. Products, hops, fruit, timber, and cereal crops. Living, a rectory in the diocese of Hereford, value 200; patron, W. L. Childe, Esq.; incumbent, Rev. Henry Kemp. Kyre belonged to the Bishop of Hereford ab antiquo, but was seized by Hacun, one of the Norman chieftains who came over in the expedition of William I. In a return made more than two centuries ago, by order of Protector Cromwell, the report made of this parish was thus: "Edward Pytts, Esq., patron. The parsonage is reported to have 'alwaies ben an entire thinge of it selfe and not united unto any other, beinge distant from any other church one mile and a halfe.' Glebe, 10 ; tithes, 20. Hugh Thomas, the minister, preacheth every Lord's day."

The church is an ancient structure, with chancel, nave, aisle, and wood spire. Its present state is decent, but inviting