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Blake's 7, The Lone Gunmen, and The A-Team.  Yes--I like a particularly random selection of programmes.

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Writeup of the ScreenHeroes con in Utrecht added to the A-Team section

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Not an obvious combination?
Why these particular series?  There is method in my madness.

A discussion of what I like/dislike in series endings (and why Jump the Shark should be taken out and hung).
Warning: Includes major spoilers including final episode plots and/or characters deaths for Blake's 7, The Lone Gunmen (Including the X-Files episode Jump the Shark), Highlander: The Series, Star Trek Voyager and Babylon 5.

FanFic - Writing realistic injuries.
Originally written for Delta Dome, my B7 site, but can be used as a guide for other fandoms too.


Mixed Media

My mind works in odd way.  So here you will find weird and random crossover fics and articles.

Seven Steps To Getting The Girl - Even the comic relief characters should get some ocasionally.  And they manage it in two of my favourites episodes from two of my favourite shows: Blake's 7: City at the Edge of the World and The A-Team: Bounty. 

Another Way - Fic.
Crossover with two of my favourites.  Blake's 7 and Lone Gunmen.  No attempt made to explain it, just character transplants and blatant hijacking of The Way Back and Unusual Suspects

How The A-Team Did it - Fic.
This has been at the back of my mind since the Lone Gunmen mentioned the A-Team in Maximum Byers.  I could just see them watching it.



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