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My (mostly Vila related) Blake's 7 Stuff

The site is divided into two main areas.  My Fan Fiction, and the Odds and Ends section section which contains filks, essays and other bits and pieces.

Most recent updates...

Post salvage ops from deceased laptop.  New article on Leadership added.

Last updated: 12/06/03


I'm keen to hear your opinions on the stories and other articles here.

Mail me.


The Blake's 7 universe, characters, ships, locations and so on and so forth are not mine, I'm only borrowing them.  All copyrights remain with their respective owners.

Thanks to Paul James, whose beautiful frame captures I shamelessly butchered to create the watching Vila heads in my backdrop.  Visit his website at - it's well worth it.

Thanks to Nico (Another Vila fan - website at Breaking Orbit) for proofreading and feedback on the stories.




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